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Verizon DSL / wrong charge - no refund!

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On [protected], Verizon sent me a package for DSL installation, in response of my online DSL ordering. However, this package didn't contain the modem required for high speed internet connection. So I called them in the following week twice to get the modem, and they said they were going to send the modem. But I never got the modem. So I ordered internet service from another provider. However, Verizon kept charging me every month for no service. I wrote them to explain that I didn't have the service. Then, I canceled my Verizon telephone service and they sent me the final bill, which included $129.77 for DLS service I never received. I called Tampa Verizon office, Becky answered the phone and said she could not give me the credit. Seeing that I persisted, she called her supervisor. The supervisor also didn't want to give me the credit but finally he gave me $30 credit. So I paid Verizon $99.77 for receiving no DSL service. I want Verizon refund the wrong charge. By the way, Verizon did not have DSL available in my area when I ordered the service. In retrospect, this seems to me a trap.

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  • De
      2nd of Dec, 2007
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    I have a funny feeling after you accepted the $30 you came to an agreement with them, your probably not going to get anything else now.

  • To
      15th of Jan, 2008
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    I am over $400 in the hole right now because Verizon's ignorance to billing. They keep going in my account taking money for no reason and now that they know I am taking my issues to the executives, Im not getting any sort of response. Verizon has NO BUSINESS offering people DSL and tv and all this other stuff they dont have the manpower and capability to provide. They are liars!!! and I don't know why they are not facing criminal charges!

  • Qi
      21st of Apr, 2008
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    I definitely agree with you... i ordered the service, but never received the modem.

    I called verizon several time, and they charged me for $79.00 for ealier termination fee. I never used the service and they still fk charge me for the cancellation fee... they are damn liar... when i rordered the modem, they said the service starts when you recived the modem...

  • Mk
      5th of Jun, 2008
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    I completely agree. Verizon DSL is a complete scam. I wanted DSL service and ordered it online from their website. They required credit card info, etc. After I finally received the equipment, it didn't work. After numerous inquiries, they said they would send a technician out. Thereafter, I was told that my particular apartment in the building was not wired to recieve Verizon's DSL--no existing telephone connection. From that point on, I gave in to the fact that my apartment was not going to get DSL from Verizon and I opted to get it through my existing cable service. One year later I realized that Verizon was charging my credit card for service they themselves told me they could not provide me. After another set of numerous inquiries and call re-routing within Verizon's customer service, they told me the dsl service has been in use and tried to convince me that I was using their dsl service. Too weird. As it turns out, the Verizon technician turned on my neighbor's dsl line and billed me for it for one year. I have tried over and over again to explain this to their customer service reps and supervisors and they have not done anything about it. All they do repeatedly is continue to transfer me around their customer service departments or straight up hang up on me. It's interesting that a search online has revealed that billing consumers for services never rendered has become a mode of operation for Verizon.

  • Ph
      28th of Jul, 2008
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    For the last six weeks or so I have had the worst issues with Verizon as a DSL ISP. I want to share this story so those of you who haven't found yourself in this position yet can possibly avoid some of the headaches that I'm dealing with now.

    In mid April, my wife and I purchased our first house. The person we bought the house from did the very least he could to make the house look decent. We found "cover up" jobs all over the house, including the wiring. After about a month of heavy internet use with Verizon it was readily apparent that the wiring in the house needed to be checked.

    Since I work during the week, I noticed the worst drop outs in service over the weekends. The signal would drop out for five to ten minutes at a time several times a day. Each time I called the support line, I was told that I had to call them back when the problem was actually happening so that they could track it. Unfortunately, by the time I got through to a live human being, the problem usually had corrected itself. The drop out rate on the weekends was anywhere from fifteen to twenty times over the course of several hours. Sometimes I just had to walk away because the service was so poor, it wasn't even usable.

    Twice I actually got Verizon to agree to send someone to my home. Both times I took time off of work and both times a Verizon technician never showed up or even called. When I called back, I found out that the local office decided that the problem was magically "fixed" when enroute to my home. Obviously this wasn't the case. One time they even claimed to have sent out new hardware to my house via UPS without telling me. Unfortunately, this doesn't do me much good since 1) I'm not there during the day to receive it and 2) I had no clue it was even coming because nobody told me. As of this post, no new hardware has shown up.

    My call rate with Verizon is usually somewhere in the range of six to twelve calls per weekend over the past six weeks. At no time did anyone attempt to do anything more then log the issue in their system. Granted, the call center employees in Mexico were very nice and considerate. However, the employees in India were rude, ignorant, unintelligible and just plain useless. If I want to be insulted, I can get that here in Philadelphia.

    Bottom line, Verizon could care less about you, your service, or your satisfaction as an employee. They employ call centers that are rude, under-staffed and under-trained. Do not sign up for Verizon service if you have a choice. You WILL be sorry.

  • Mi
      4th of Aug, 2008
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    verizon are totally rip offs they have issued me a total bill of 1000 dollars for a month i have been dealing with them on there over charges ect if i was that far behind any co. would turn your phone off, they even lost a payment for 240 dollars for last month so i could just stop there harrassing mail and they lost it i had my banki fax they check proff it was cashed and they blamed me for it and said it was my fault. i dont know how i sent it in with the bill. these people should be checked out by the federal goverment i am disabled and they are effecting my health after my payment i was assured no more bills then somehow i owed 700 something dollors how can someone owe thant for telecommunications common on i am not even in bussiness they say everything taken care of when you send your payment in then they make up more charges and you dont even have service with them they are fraudualant and i am pleaeing for someone in a good position to stop them from taking money from the handicape and volunerable people this has been the worst nightmare of my life they even chuckel on the phone as if its a joke to destroy your credit and your health is it worth it the evil and mean i would never ever do anything with these demons again.has anyone else got charged so horrible and been treated so terrible and they get away with destroying credit you work hard for i have multiple scelersis and i used to be a registered nurse and helped many people why do people treat me so bad after all the good i have done you have to ask yourself one question if you owed that much you wouldnt have service they would of disconnected you or something they are scammers and trying to rip people off threating theam like common loan sharks if anyone with power out there please help out the lettle guys we need iyou thanks

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