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I am trying to set up a new account. I call on June 2:

- I speak to one person, give her all my information, am put through to a second person, they say to re put in my information with another sales person.

- I speak with a third person, give all my information, after I give my card details the calls hangs up, no call back

- I call again and speak with a fourth person, I explain and am told no account has been set up therefore I will not have been charged, I give all my information yet again and am given a ridiculous monthly fee, so I ask to speak to a manager

- I speak to a manager called Chris (the fifth person), he tells me my casrd has not been charged and he will help, I give my information again, and then am told the building is not yet set up so I can go no further, he will call me back

- I find out my card was charged, so I call back to ask for a refund, I speak with a sixth person who cannot help me, am put through to a manager (the seventh person) who was most unhelpful

- On Saturday June 3 I get a call back from Chris, he says my building is set up so we can proceed, he puts me on hold for 20 mins, then says he will call me back. no call back.

- On Tuesday June 6 I call and speak to Jack (eighth) who was lovely. He tells me the $250 that was taken from me will be back by June 9th/ He sets everything up for me and says to call back on Wednesday to arrange a time/date for the technician to come and install the wifi. He then charges my card a further $250.

- On Wednesday June 7 I call and speak to two more people at Verizon (ninth and tenth) and I eventually book my technician for Thurs June 8 between 8-12

- Thurs June 8 I book the morning off work, receive a text message saying my technician will arrive between 9.15-10.15am. No ones shows.

- I call and speak to 2 more Verizon people (11 and 12th) and am told that I am showing on their system on the 8-12 list, but on the tech list I am showing as 1-5pm. Obviously this is hugely inconvenient as it means I have to take the afternoon off work as well as the morning (a whole days holiday wasted). One person should have called me back, but never did.

- At 5pm the technician shows and ask me where I want my telephone, I explain that I do not want a phone, I want the internet. He tells me that I am down for a phone not the internet and that i cant have the internet as there is no verizon box in my building.

- I call up today June 9, explain all of this to a person (the 13th person I have spoken to!) and she puts me on hold. Then the phone cuts out and no call back is made.

I am DISGUSTED with the way I have been treated, you have absolutely no care for your customers at all. The number of times the phone has cut out and no ones has called back and the number of times I have been promised a call back and no one has is disgraceful.

I DEMAND you return the $500 you have unjustly taken from me immediately, and I expect compensation for the time you have wasted me.

It goes without saying I will NOT be taking my account further with Verizon.

I expect a call back very very soon, or I will be escalating this complaint.


Jun 09, 2017

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