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Verizon Communications / trade in credit terminated by verizon

1 United States

14 months ago I traded in my iPhone 6 to get an iPhone 7 plus. I was supposed to get $27.08 credit on my account every month for 24 months. Unfortunately I lost my iPhone 7plus after a couple months. So I was very excited when iPhone X came out. Of course, on the very first hour, I ordered one on Verizon. Everything was fine, I chose to pay my device in 24 months. At the time, I was on my 14th out of 24 payments of my iPhone 7 plus. To get in the new payment plan, I had to pay my iPhone 7 plus in full. Nothing sounds suspicious there, so I paid off my iPhone 7 plus, and started my payment for the new iPhone x. However, after 1 and half month, I realized that the $27.08 credit just disappeared on my bill! I just chatted with 2 customer representatives tonight. Both of them told me, to get the credit, I have to stay in the payment plan for iPhone 7 plus. Which means, when I bought it off, and paid for the whole price for iPhone 7plus, I am no longer in the payment plan, so my credit will terminate since then. I asked if there's anything I could do to get back to my plan, because I wasn't told that buying an iPhone x from Verizon would cause me to lose my credit, which worths $270! Then, I was told that I can only reverse to the plan within the first 14 days after I activated my new phone. I was like... are you serious? I wasn't informed that I would lose my credit at the time of my purchase, and I wouldn't have had my new bill ready within 14 days. Which mean, there's no way I could know about his within 14 days after I activated my new phone, and there's no way I can get my credit back! Think about it in another way, if only Verizon notified me at the time of my purchase, that I would lose this credit, I would have kept my old payment plan for iPhone 7plus and just buy an iPhone x from Apple! Isn't that idiotic? So what I paid for my new iPhone X is : $999 (spread out for 24 months)+$270 (10 months trade in credit). Verizon told me, yes, that's fair, that's the "agreement" we had. I feel like I was being fooled by Verizon. There's no way any one would have agreed to this price, if he/she knows about it. Verizon fooled me by not sharing this information with me at the time of my purchase, and leaving no way for me to find out within 14 days, which is the time frame for me to go back to my original plan.

Dec 23, 2017

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