Verizon Communications / how verizon handles promos and poor customer service.

Marietta GA, US
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On 9/28/16, I visited a Verizon Store in Marietta GA and inquired about a new account. (I was switching from AT&T). I was told the current promo was a free IPHONE 7 with the exchange of an IPHONE 6. I signed up as I had an IPHONE 6 but questioned why I was signing a loan agreement for monthly payments on the new phone. I was told I would have to make three months of payments, then I would receive a return label for my old phone, and when the old phone was returned to Verizon I would receive credit for the three payments and I would own the phone at that time. In early Feb of 2017 I went into the store to tell them I had not recieved a return label and it had been four months, (making payments every month on time). They assured me they would take care of it and the Regional Manager, (Christina), would call me with a resolution. After several weeks of follow up calls in which I was told each time Christina would call me which she never did, I called Verizon to see if I could get it worked out in late February on my own. I spoke to Dominique in customer serivice who explained the phone the store had ordered for me qualified for a $99.00 purchase price, not free. I was told that if I returned my old phone, they would credit me what I had paid but would still owe $4.16 a month for 24 months. (Why wouldnt they just wave the payment and keep the $99 I had already paid, that wasnt an option). I returned the old phone in late February and it was recieved by Verizon on March 2nd. I just recieved my bill on March 31st and the credit wasnt on the account. When I spoke to Chris at Verizon on 3/31, he now says it will take 1 to 3 months to credit my account. With the payments I have made, I will now have paid up to $300.00 for a "free" phone that after 9 months based on what I was told today, Verizon owes me a credit for. We'll see if we actually receive the credit, (no free phone, pay $99, but finance $300 up front for Verizon on what I was sold as free). Sound like fair deal to you? And oh, they dont put promos on anyone's contract so any customer has 0 in writing on what was agreed to in store. According to Verizon customer service, they go by the date the contract was written to find out that promo is in effect at the time. The customer has no proof! Sound customer centered to you? (My Verizon invoice number is SFORDIN1063 sold by Sheldon Scott on 9/28/16 at the Verizon Store in Marietta GA on Shallowford road). Want to show authenticity on this transaction.

Mar 30, 2017

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