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Jarrettsville, MarylandJarrettsville, US

About 1 1/2 years ago Fios became available in our area. Previously our area was only serviced by a small cable organization (with excellent service) with limited channels. Most of the residents had ( and most still do) satellite service. We chose to go with Verizon. It has been a nightmare. Very poor installation, cable and internet not better than what our former provider offered - despite their claims of improved connectivity. All that aside, by far the worst is the company LACK OF RESPECT FOR THE CUSTOMER. For a communications company, it has no concept of how to communicate. The automated system is extremely poorly designed, does not offer proper cues,
always directs customer to the Philippines which always has to redirect the call - endless process circling round and round.
Every aspect of this company is a failure. The stores are filled with employees lacking sufficient knowledge of their products and don't care, expect customers to buy because of who the company is - well, the company is a failure. No one is accountable for anything. Its impossible to reach anyone with knowledge - its amazing that no one as an organizational chart of their own company. The company does not provide a directory to its customers allowing them to target the specific concern, only generic #s that create additional anger. No customer is comforted with "I understand"- do you? Do you understand being put on hold for almost 2 hours? And the response is "I'm sorry"!! Really how sorry are you? To have the automated system direct your inquires to a website is obscured when YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET.
Verizon need to learn how to communicate and delete the word "Communications" from its logo.
When will VERIZON be held accountable for its lack of service - it suppose to providing a service. Their customers deserve refunds for the lack of support they receive.
I am asked all the time by neighbors and people in my area if like Fios and Verizon, I respond "keep you the cable company you have much better company." If they have satellite, keep it - Verizon is a Nightmare.

Nov 17, 2017

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