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I was trying to make a payment. The staff on the telephone do not speak very good English, and I talk with her with a cheerful voice, and she is keep on making broken English conversation to me, and I felt very uncomfortable. And at the end she did not say thanks for using Verizon, but she said I am rude. And I think she is expecting too much. Verizon is a worst customer base - language and system acceptance wise level. I am so unhappy after that phone call.

May 02, 2017
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      May 12, 2017

    I am a retired Verizon employee who subscribed to FIOS in June 2016. I switched from Comcast. I was enjoying TV, phone and internet service and was receiving my employee discount. I went on vacation in January and requested vacation hold on my TV and Internet service, with phone service continuing. When I returned in April my service was restored and I was pleased until I received my May bill for $430.96. I have spent three days and numerous hours attempting get back to my original status and bill of $130.78. The task was almost impossible as I spoke to approximately 6 people in several different departments. Finally I was able to get my discount re-established and the bill reduced to $196.25. By going on vacation hold I lost the previous bundle I had and lost the employee discount. Verizon should investigate this process and establish a more user friendly process to return customers back to their original plan so they do not have to encounter this frustration. While I am in Florida the Cable company I use only requires one telephone call to turn on my service or place it on vacation hold. In closing I must admit the employees who helped me were very courteous and helpful in resolving my situation but it took so much of my time and caused anxiety and frustration.

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