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I have a complaint with customer service call center agent Edwin. There are things you want to tell customers but you know you shouldn't. I challenge you to find that call and listen to it and decide if that is how you want your customers talked to. I have previously worked at call centers and if one of my agents talked the way Edwin did to one of my customers, they would have been fired on the spot. Just because we think it does not mean we say it.

Jul 27, 2018
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  • Ma
      Jun 17, 2019

    When installing cable Verizon left yards and yards of cable hanging on the side of our house and jammed it into an arbor vitae to hide it. Years pass and we have the arbor vitae cut back and find where all of the spaghetti mess of cable is coming from. While talking to Verizon about another issue with the TV programming I mention the mess hanging on the side of the house. The tech rep says that can be taken care of. I ask if there would be any charge. He says no, it's a Verizon issue, not the consumers. Verizon comes out and cleans up their mess they left years ago and tried to hide in the shrubbery and then charges me for a service call. The supervisor at customer service says I "should have called sooner...not years later". She will give only a 50% discount on the service call. How can I call about their mess when it's been hidden for all of these years? This is NOT MY ISSUE...IT'S VERIZON'S.

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