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Good Afternoon,
This is my last hope for help and i hope that you will understand our situation. I received a Verizon text yesterday saying that our payment arrangement was broken and not paid. We were going to have our service cut off. I was confused because I thought II only set up 2 payments of $65 which were paid. I accept that i must have misunderstood the arrangements. If i knew. I would have paid the $65 on the 25th. I do owe a balance and I have been working to oay it off. The Rep (Robert/employee #6575) insisted that i needed to pay the balance to keep from being shut off $239 Approx.
I am begging someone to look at my situation. I an disabled and live on a small SS check. My husband, a disabled Vietnam Veteran has a part time job with a small weekly paycheck. I am aware that we could get cheaper cell service, but we have had Verizon for over 3 years and kept it for the great customer service. When i called yesterday, I was never treated more rudely than i was by the above named employee. He insisted on talking over me, he was very arrogant and downright lacked and respect for me or my husband. I asked to speak with a supervisor and he insisted that someone would have to all me back in 24-47 hours, but our phones would have been turned off by that time. I have numerous health problems and it is necessary for me to have a phone. i started getting upset and crying, The Rep said that maybe we should just have our service suspended. I was appalled. I had to make arrangements with him with a promise to pay the full balance owed this Friday. That is the on;y way I could keep my phones on for a couple of days. PLEASE help us. I cant make that full payment on Friday, The $65/week was working well for us. I hope you will see our position. Thank you for your time.
Roy Pierce
Julia Pierce

Phone: [protected]

Jan 29, 2019

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