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Verizon / terrible service!

1 Chevy Chase, MD, United States Review updated:

On a Monday our Verizon land line died through no fault of our own. Through other means on line and eventually by voice, we called Verizon for repair. Verizon scheduled a visit for five days later--on Friday--for any time between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. The phone is used for our work, so we needed it back much sooner. We also had conflicts that Friday, but they couldn't be more precise about the time. They agreed to switch our incoming calls to our cell phone, but that means we'll have to pay for any additional minutes of cell phone use for both outgoing and incoming calls.

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  • Jo
      29th of Jan, 2008
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    I ordered a bundled package that included land line phone, DSL with 3mps, and satellite. First I was not eligible for the satellite but my $20.00 was taken and not refunded 2nd was not notified when service was turned on for the phone. 2 weeks later I phoned and was told it had been on for over a week... no compensation plus time missed from work as I was given a date when it would be "installed" Lastly the internet connection barely hit 1.5 mps which compared to dial up a family member has that is free from walmart. Canceled service December 14th within the 30 day "trial" I am still being billed for the DSL and being threatened with legal action for the phone portion. Getting through to someone is nearly impossible. After hours... yes HOURS on the phone I reached someone who could only "explain" the bills... duh! I was told I would need to call this number AND this number as everything is separate from one another. Once again this is taking hours I hold for in access of 45 minutes only to have the phone picked up and immediately hung up... which starts the process all over again. I keep trying to no avail. They were very quick to respond to my online inquiry about attaining service. Which by the way I saved to my computer for just this occasion. It was full of lies and empty promises. The rep online couldn’t help by the way had to call someone to actually get the service. Of course they picked up right away.

  • Wi
      16th of May, 2008
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    FIOS : Absolutely the worst customer service ever. Way too many chefs in the kitchen and no one can communicate with anyone else. DO NOT sign up for this service unless you're dying for a headache.

  • Sw
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    I am really pissed with Verizon. I tried cancelling my home phone with them for 3 times. They gave me the run around. Putting me on hold for hours. I haven't had a real phone for more than 6 months yet they still charge me for the service. Then when I tried cancelling "the bundle" cause of all the extra charges they add. They told me the bundle was $80, it ended up being twice as much $160. I was told I have to pay an early termination charge. On top of what my bill was. I had only had "the bundle for 1 month. Why do we have to pay for bad service? It should be illegal for them to charge us. I also have cell phone service with them. They did the same thing I've had a line for two years that I do not use they still charge me for it after I've made several attempts to cancel it. They have given me the run around. I am totally pissed off at them.

  • Ve
      9th of Apr, 2009
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    Not sure if anyone ever cares anymore. The reason they have such bad service from the ground up is this...Frist the system they use for billing are very very old system so heres what they did to fix the problem after Suri put the whole company in a bad light.YOU know When the employees picketed for the customers. Insted of updating the system they created a front end system to talk to the old system and it dose not wk dont let them lie to you this is what they did and it can be proven. There is a know billing error that just charges a customer for jack work when they did not request it. Nice right not even close to the shady back door deals that go on. Lets say that you have static on the line you call Verizon they put a ticket in to send out tech. WRONG ... heres how it works you call Verizon after listneing to a bunch of adds and DR Buddy who ever the hell this clown is I still have no idea. then you get a tech that will put a ticket in and about 2 to 3 hours later you will get a call stating that the trouble is fixed and a employee is forced to call you and clear ticket w/o rolling a truck this also can be proven... They call this job security I call it bad business. Want more of their bad deals...the 99.00 was never 99.00 and im sure the poor soul that have it now see it was never 99 and I would say a good amount of people never got their "Free" anything !!! This all so can be proven. The manages of Verizon are a sick joke they have nothing to do w/the bus or the money they are there to guard the employees and follow them to the bath room this also can be proven. My advice to anyone that has Verizon cancle the service and let them know that you all are sick of it!!! Bright house Im sure has it trbl aswell but they treat the cust 10000 time better than verizon. They have kicked ther ### every year int he JD POWERS survey because their employees are allowed to do their jobs . And by the way a note for the PSC when you have the audit every year they route out all the traffic to other areas so they pass it just so you know that has been going on for years they dont want the fine the employee jsut sit and wait for calls to come in not like the 20-30 they hold on a daliy basis. Verizon get a grip how can you not see this is bad business ...bad for the customers bad for the employees and bad for the share holders but really you all could care less as long as the CEO's just keeping padding their pockets I just wonder how long it will take these ###s to wise up!!

  • Ve
      16th of Apr, 2011
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    Verizon service is CRAPPPPPP. I just recently signed up and I get calls every day from debt collectors for Mario Carson. Most of the time now they call from a blocked number and say Hello? Hello? and then hang up. It is extremely annoying, so I called verizon to block unknown phone numbers. The first c.s. rep tells me it will cost money to set that up but he has no idea how much, and put me through to his boss. She tells me I have to sign up for caller ID first, but she cannot help me, I must do it online.

    So I go to myverizon, and to get an account, I have to sign up for Verizon internet, which i ALREADY HAVE, and agree to a very long list of terms, including them sending me some giant battery I don't want and probably charge me for it. So I'm going to have to call their [censor] service, AGAIN, and find out if it costs money, and they won't know what I'm talking about, THIS IS SUCH A [censor]ING WASTE OF MY TIME and there is no end in sight and Verizon is doing everything it can to make sure I fix it on my dime/time and not theirs. [censor] you Verizon.

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