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Verizon / scam billing

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I have been a customer of Verizon for over 30 years. My birth date is 2/8/42 and unfortunately, I am a senior citizen.

I live on very little money, a fixed income, no extra retirement plans, stock options, 401Ks or trust funds and my phone was disconnected March 23 of 2008.

I received quite a few notices but didn’t open them since the first one was the one I thought I would need which had a total of $123.00. When I finally could get together the $123 I called in on the automated line using my checking account. When I called the next morning to find out when they were reconnecting my phone I was told that I owed $330 and that I was charged for the months I was disconnected. I was totally outraged. This has never happened to me before. I have been disconnected in the past but never paid for months I wasn’t using my phone. I couldn’t receive calls from my family and couldn’t make calls out even if I was having an emergency.

Could you please give me some support for this? People are not informed that they have to pay for a phone they don’t use. It doesn’t even make good sense. Is this allowed to happen to citizens in Massachusetts? Especially citizens who are vulnerable and find it difficult to get together $123 never mind 330.

As I said previously, I couldn’t receive calls and I couldn’t make them so what is it exactly that I am being charged for? Each time I would ask this question, I was being shifted to another person or told its company policy. The supervisor couldn’t tell me but just kept repeating you weren’t totally disconnected. Well when you are not allowed to use a utility to me this is being disconnected.

My phone would not be put on if I didn’t agree to Verizon stealing this money from me. This is a very bad time for most of us, and to think that a wealthy company like Verizon can receive money for no product or service is outrageous.

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      2nd of Aug, 2008
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    Experian refuses to investigate my inacccurate information to the highest standard. They have no signature on file, nor no proof of document on file. I am very distress since the have this item on my credit report. I am planning a class act action law suit. They ignore my complaint everytime I file a complaint.

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      10th of Oct, 2010
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    I was a customer of Verizon since they were Primeco, about 15 years. Not only was I getting tired of a higher bill than everyone I knew ($65 as opposed to $45) but everytime they bought another phone company, their service would go further downhill.
    Then, out of the blue, they started ghosting me charges. My $65 became $150. They wouldn't tell me specifically what these new charges were, just repeating that 'their computer' said it was real charges. After two months of arguing, I paid them $300 for two months only to receive a new $300 monthly bill!! This is with absolutely no overage of use (never varied - very low useage both in calls and texts).

    I dropped them. I didn't pay any disconnect fee and they can rot for all I care. There are plenty of pre-pay non-limit useage companies out there so I have no plans to ever enter into a contract again. I switched to metroPCS and have unlimited calls and texts for $45 per month. I have no problems with connectivity.

    I await a class action suit against these crooks, I will join it quick. I should've dumped them when it came out that they had turned over their records to the government without any care for their customers and without any kind of legality. Anyone thinking of joining Verizon is now forewarned.

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      12th of Mar, 2011
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    get straight talk phone is yours and no contract unlimited text, calls. web access and more without the extra charges like verizon. good reception and better then metro pc always searching for signal. only $45 a onth. good luck

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      12th of Mar, 2011
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    too many people are complaining but are still using verizon. if you are a person on a fixed income you need to make a change.
    stand up and fight don't live in default all the time

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