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Verizon Business / aware of their poor, very poor service capabilities

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Verizon Business

Our company used to get a Paper Invoice from MCI every month, the amount was paid in a timely manner and the whole process used to take about 2-5 minutes. Then, MCI and Verizon merged and became Verizon Business. Our account got messed up and it showed late fee charges for amounts that were supposedly paid late when in fact payments had be made in a timely manner.

THEN, VerizonBusiness decided to go ONLINE and in order to "force" customers to use their online system, they started to charge $7.00 if a customer wanted a paper copy bill.

NOW, we have been online for about years and hardly a month goes by that I have not had to call their Customer Service center because either I do not receive their automated e-mail notifying me that a balance is due and I need to pay the same online


Because I receive duplicate e-mails and when I go online into our account to make the payment, it shows balance due "0", even when it should show our monthly (fixed amount) due... hence, I cannot make a payment.

I spend about 30 minutes on the phone being transferred from Customer Service to Technical support. Then, they give me a ticket number and say someone will call me back. That usually takes DAYS. By then, the amount does show online and I am able to make the payment or I spent another 15 minutes on the phone "troubleshooting" the problem!!

I requested for them to just send me a paper copy again and NOT charge me the paper fees UNTIL they have their online system working efficiently. NO SUCH LUCK. No paper fee discounts, no compromises, no speedy customer service, just dozens of apologies and acknowledgments that their online system is not efficient frequently.

UNFORTUNATELY, our business is reliant on VerizonBusiness and we cannot simply change the service, so we have to stick with it. However, I am posting this to warn others and to make Verizon Business aware of their POOR, VERY POOR service capabilities (people at customer service are friendly and professional but overwhelmed with phone calls and they don't have the staff capacity to call back in an efficient time frame)... How can you force customers to use your online system and charge them if they don't if your Online system does not work properly for the last 2 YEARS???

It's funny... their customer service only calls me back AFTER they have fixed the issue online because I think they know what the problem is. They are unable to streamline two steps which are "post the balance amount due online and THEN send out the E-mail notifying the customer that a balance is due". Their system works vice versa "First, send out an e-mail to the customer to ask them to make a payment online and THEN post the balance due a couple of days later"... this dos not make ANY sense.



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