Verizon / verizon lied / ilegal practices

I was given a price of $110 per month for Verizon Triple Play by a Verizon Sales Reprentative Mr. Wilder ($110 including 1 DVR, 2 cable boxes and 1 year free Premium package). I was also told an additional $15 per month discount would be applied if I switched to Verizon Wireless, bringing my bill to $95/month. After switching to Verizon Wireless (buying 2 HTC Incredible phones, 1400 minutes/month, 2 data packages and an additional phone), I was told my told my "Quad Play" bill was $130? I spoke with a customer service rep, two supervisors Mrs. Medina and Mrs. Freeman who would not honor the $95 promised price. They said there was no way anyone should've promised that price and could not help me! I have a reference number, Customer service & Supervisor names, dates, etc. It is no only completely unethical to charge more than an agreed price - IT'S ILLEGAL! This is a bait and switch. I only want to resolve this to the price I was PROMISED.

Verizon is used by most people I know and came highly recommended for their customer service and products. I more than frustrated and only had extremely bad experiences with Verizon. I will give my business to a competitor if this isn't resolved immediately.


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