Verizon / beware of prepaid internet access offers for the ipad

United States

I bought an iPad with Verizon modem. I could not get it to work. Took it to Apple and Apple replaced the entire unit within minutes(great customer service). I tried to connect to Verizon to get the 3G service and could not with my Visa debit card. After talking to a local Verizon store (manager knew nothing) and calling twice to Verizon prepaid customer service, I discovered that Verizon will only accept a charge card (I don’t have one) as payment.

Verizon will accept no other legal tender: debit cards, itunes cards, checks, or even cash. Nowhere in the advertisements did Apple or Verizon state that it will not accept any legal tender, except for charge cards. According to the Verizon customer service rep. there are many thousands of customers, like me, who can not remotely connect to the internet with their Verizon modem. Though those customers have sought remedy, Verizon refuses to accept payments at their dealerships or make provisions so that those who bought Verizon modems may use them.

So, Apple apparently knew of this arrangement when it signed with Verizon and didn’t let us know. Verizon said sign with us, but never stated that no payments would be accepted, except for some charge cards. Is one guilty of fraud, or both?

In any case, beware of prepaid internet access offers for the iPad. Know that Verizon doesn’t care about providing you service, only in making a renewable, monthly billing without your permission — the can’t buy just one month without cancelling arrangement.


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