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My fiancee and I went recently and purchased over $1500 worth of stuff (I think all told it was more like $1800). From the time we walked in the store 5 different sales people came up to us and we turned them away because we wanted to check out everything on our own first and then once we talked about it and made a decision we would find a salesperson and order the stuff. So we found what we wanted and first the price was wrong. Online this set was $ the store $899. So we asked about the price and they came back and said that it had "just gone on sale" and the floor model wasn't correct. So we order a chair and a 1/2 and a sofa for $549 and a $200 ottoman to match. This gets us to the $750 needed for the 6 month interest free financing...or so we thought. Well they come back and say that the ONLY chair and a half ANYWHERE is the one that we are looking at on the floor and they could sell us the floor model "as is". Well obviously at this point I'm not going to order a "used" product for full price so I ask them for the ottoman for free since i'm taking both items from the floor AND i have to figure out a way to get the two items to my house since they "can't deliever" as is furniture. Well they end up coming back with "the couch for $300 and the chair and the ottoman for $300". So basically I got the ottoman for $50 and I'm happy about it but still need to get to the $750 to get the financing. So now with $100 to spend we decide to look around to see if there are any end tables and/or coffee tables that we liked. During our table search we decided that we might as well go for the 1-year financing thing and spend 1500 since it ends up breaking down to the same amount every month. So we add the accent chair ($179, i think) for the couch, two end tables (about $140 each), a coffee table (about $180), and then two night stands ($200 each) for a bedroom set that we really like. So now we have all of this stuff picked out and we go to the sales area and they start their games.

Well since we are taking two pieces "as-is" they have to be on a seperate invoice (why? I have NO idea). So they now take the $300 for the ottoman and the chair and a half on to a seperate invoice and the rest of the stuff on another. They charge the interest free account for the main invoice with things added to it so that it is over the $1500 needed and then refund part of it to compensate for the $300 for the "as is" invoice (not sure how legal that was on their part, but I'm purchasing all of the stuff together so I don't think I did anything wrong). Well in this process they somehow drop our accent chair from the receipt (neither myself or my fiancee notice this until after the FIRST delivery). So we now have all of this stuff paid for and we find out that everything should be delievered the following wednesday except for the couch which they said was in stock at a different store but they couldn't deliver it until the 23rd of January (two weeks later). Why they couldn't I have no idea, but we went with it at this point because we were growing VERY frustrated.

We go home and the following day go to Home Depot to buy a new area rug to match our new furniture (please keep in mind that we are 24 and 25 and making one of our first "major decisions" together). We spend $200 on a nice area rug to match and use the home depot rental truck to go to Value City and pick up the chair and a half and ottoman (Not a bad idea if you need to rent a truck for only a few don't pay for gas or mileage and its $20 for the first 75 minutes and $10 each extra hour).

They call us on Monday and tell us that they will deliever the furniture on Wednesday between 12:30 and 3:30. . . I now take a full day off of work because living in the DC metro area there is no way that I could get to work and back by 12:30 (and get anything done) or go in late and have anything done then. At about 3 p.m. I still haven't heard anything from them so I decided to call just to check in and make sure they could find my apartment (its not exactly the easiest thing to find because my actual building is off the main road and blocked by another building). The warehouse manager tells me that they got slightly behind and they have one stop and then they will be dropping off my furniture and should be there between 3:30 and 3:45.

Its now 4:15 and still nothing...

I call them back and try to find out what happened...they tell me at this point that they got stuck in traffic and would be there in 20 minutes...and they were on their way.

At 4:50 the actual delivery people call my fiancee and tell her that they were running behind and would be there in 20 minutes (not knowing I had talked to their boss and he said 20 minutes several times already). I now email their corporate office (since apparently they have no phones at the office, or at least that's what I was told by EVERYONE at their store.). I also called the warehouse manager back again to find out what is happening because its now 5:15 (she didn't let me know they called her until about 5:20) and I'm very frustrated. They tell me at this point that he doesn't know why they aren't there yet and that they would refund my $120 delivery fee.

FINALLY, at 5:45 they show up and drop off two end tables, a coffee table, and two night stands. I don't even realize that there was no accent chair because I was too pissed off that it took til nearly 6 p.m. and I had been sitting at home all day waiting for them.

I leave and go to dinner with some friends and when we come back my fiancee goes "So where is the accent chair?" We now take out the receipt and look and somehow it is dropped from the receipt. I call and try to find out why it was dropped from my receipt at the store and the only thing they can tell me is they don't know and that I could order it for $400 (it was $179 in the store when we were there). I told them that they should give it to me for free with all of the problems that I've had with this process. They tell me they can't do that but they could give it to me for the sale price that it was when I ordered the rest of my stuff...oh wait, they obviously don't keep very good track of that because they said it was $239 at that point. I told them then I wanted it for $109 and to keep the delivery fee (because then obviously the sales tax is less, but they couldn't figure out why it would be less).

We finally order the accent chair and we now expect the accent chair and the couch to be delivered on the 23rd along with an exchange of one of the night stands because it has a huge gash in the wood on the front and they put the wrong handle on it (with one screw instead of two and then used glue to sort of hold it there).

Well they called Tuesday (Jan. 20th) in the afternoon and told me that the sofa had been discontinued and they didn't have any and that the order was dropped.

We immediately got in the car and went to the store and flipped out. Finally after arguing with them at the store the Operations Manager comes out to us and starts talking. FINALLY!!! Someone who understands customer service and realizes how powerful people who complain can be to their business. Somehow for a couch that "doesn't exhist and is discontinued" they had THREE...count the woodbridge, va store. Two of them were damaged (with small holes on them) and then the third was fine. So now we are getting the couch but it took us going there and basically screaming and causing a scene in the store til they "found" three...THREE...couches.

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  • Al
      Mar 14, 2011

    this long history about what happen to this person shooping for furniture is stupid, let me explain to you, at the begining when you enter to a shop there is people will say Hiiiiiiii to you, this mean culture then their job is sells, thats the way they get pay, after that in few words if you wrote all this, explaining people about your experience in the shop WHYYYYYYYYY you did not read the invoice before you left SMART PEOPLE . ( These cases only hapen to people trying to take advantage of things or SHEAP. sorry about my english i could explain better in my language, BUT PEOPLE YOU GOT IT.

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