Value City Furniture / Very BAd Customer Service. sales person James Lied about delivery date.

greenbrook new jersey, United States
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Phone: 732-752-0900

on August 3, 2015 my family and I went into Value City Furniture to Purchase a Bedroom Set For my son. there were only 3 people working store was very bust. waited about 1hr-just for someone to help. finally a salesperson by the name of James help us out. to make a long story short we ended up buying the bedroom set. while he was entering our information into system, he asked if we were interested in anything else. of course we saw a recliner chair however we told him we would think about it, and will give him a call back. he stated to call back before the delivery date of 8/15/15, and we can add this purchase on to sale. I called sale-person back James to tell him we would like the chair and that we will be into store to add on to our order. which was 8/9/15. we get there and James states that the recliner is on back order. until 09/10/15. which was not a problem. we just wanted to confirm that our bedroom set would be delivered on date we chose which was Saturday 8/15/15. James confirmed. I then received a call from the store indicated that our bedroom set would be delivered on Friday 8/14/15. again this was not the date I requested. I then called the store to speak with James however he was not there, requested to speak with a store manager who was also not there. they told me to call the following day and James would be in around at 9am. called again no James, he will be in at 11am. called back at 11am again no James. they said he would be in about 20mins. Finally called back at 12:15pm still no James. I then receives a call from James around 1:15pm indicating he do not know what happen it was warehouse people that caused all this frustration. I said no James this is your fault, you entered information, not them. he finally said he was trying to reach a manger at warehouse to resolve the problem. and he gave me his word that I would have the delivery on Saturday. he said he would call me back before end of business day, however I did not hear from him. so as a concern customer I called the store today which is Thursday to find out what is going on. again no one at store knows and James who is suppose to take care of the matter was not in. and will not be back to work until Saturday 9am. and no manger in store to help. manger is out until Friday. I am very much disappointed in this store. no one can help me. its like they got the sale for purchase and is like what the hell.

Aug 13, 2015

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