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i purchased furniture from them on August 4, 2018. Upon delivery of the items some were broken which required to a delay in me receiving the items. The delivery company advised that the item that was broken wasn't even checked before it left the warehouse. The delay extended until me not receiving all items until 9/26/18. I filed a BBB complaint on the company and their internal department that handles these issues got in contact with me. In efforts of resolving this issue we agreed to have the delivery refunded to me in a giftcard but i was advised at that time that it wouldn't be able to be processed until they received the money from the financing company which was completely understandable. along with this the store location offered a $75.00 credit and i had already gotten a $75.00 credit from the delivery department the day of the mishap with the broken furniture. It is not 11/7/18 and i know that they have what they need. i have talked to several people including the person that made the initial offer and everytime it's something different. i just spoke with someone last week who assured me that they sent the invoice down to process the giftcard that was promised to me and it should be sent out which is the same falsehood i was told the week before. i called today to confirm that it was sent and was told that nothing has been processed. This company is a sham which is quite disappointing. i have been doing business with them for several years and this has been the most disastrous experience ever. To compile my frustration they make promises that they don't stand by.

Nov 07, 2018

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