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I purchased a bedroom dresser and futon from Value City Furniture in August of 2007. A month later I started having trouble with both pieces of furniture. Since, I paid extra for repair, I contacted the Falls Church, VA store and informed them that one of drawers in the dresser would not open and the futon tore and I was having trouble opening and closing the frame. The young lady made me an appointment, but no one ever called to confirm. I continued to phone, but was told to call back each time. Finally, in December 2008, someone called me back and gave me an appointment for Jan 13 09. The gentleman who arrived was very nice and fixed the tear in the futon, but took my drawer back to shop because the wooden bar was larger than the slider. After two weeks, I called the VA store to find out the status of my drawer and was told to contact the New Carroltton, MD store. I called the MD store and asked about my drawer and told to call back to speak with the person who schedules repairs, which I did. It became apparent that the young lady who does scheduling does not work in the morning or early afternoon. When I finally spoke with someone two weeks ago, I was told my drawer was ready and I could come pick up the drawer, I explained that I work in VA and it would be a little difficult for me to pick up the drawer. Since, I would be off the following Friday, I asked if I could schedule a delivery on 6 Feb 09. I was told someone would call me back to confirm, but I never received that phone call. Since 16 Feb 09 was a holiday, I figured I would go and pick up my drawer from the New Carrolton store, so I went on their website to get the phone number. While I was on the website I clicked the link for futon's and noticed the frame I have was not erected correctly. I called the store and asked if I could come pick up my drawer, since I called earlier in the week and was told it was ready. I was placed on hold and later told that I could not because the young lady who does scheduling was not there and would not be in until tomorrow and to call her tomorrow at 3:00pm. I asked the young lady why I could not come and pick up the drawer since it was ready and I was placed on hold again and told that I needed to speak to someone tomorrow at 3:00.
To calm myself I took the futon off the frame to check if it would be difficult for me to flip the bottom frame and put it on correctly, so the futon would stop sliding of the frame. I noticed that some screws were screwed in using washers; some washers on top; some on the bottom and some screws did not have washers at all. Now I understand why it is so hard to return the frame in a sitting position because the back head frame is probably on backwards. So, now I have to wait until tomorrow to see when and if I can pick up my drawer.

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  •   May 15, 2008

    Value city furniture Fredericksburg, VA customer service is terrible. Manager snatched receipt from my hand, argued with me, and allowed his warehouse worker to be very rude me. Store sold me a mattress set, but never mentioned anything about return or refund policy and when I went to inquire/ask for refund, there was assistance given, just totally will not refund or exchange. Did not at all try to satisfy me and acted in a very unprofessional manner. I left the mattress set there and are dealing with the bbb, as well as my financial institution to resolve and they have been very helpful. wish I could say the same for value city furniture sold me a mattress set was too short but sold it as a full mattress set. Mattress did not fit and that’s why I chose to return it. The manager just insisted that since I removed it from the plastic wrapper and immediately replaced it back in its original plastic un-used, refused to refund monies. Customer service stinks. They in no way try to satisfy the customer.

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  • Da
      Jun 25, 2008

    Apparently Value City Furniture likes to tailor the comments on their site. Obviously slanted to their benefit. Below is a comment I posted under the couch I bought. I posted this comment three times. According to the "terms and conditions" They reserve the right to decide not to post your comment. I searched high and low and never found a negative comment. Must be nice to offer a comment service where they only post the good ones.

    "The couch is pretty nice, however, it took 4 couches delivered to my house plus the one I brought home the first time, before we found one that did not have a hole or tears or staples coming out before we settled for one with some missing stitches. Each couch scheduled to come out was to be examined prior to being sent to us. We had to make sure we home within the 3 hour window each time to just turn them away. There has been no mention of any compensation for the hassle we had. The manager didn't even seem phased when we jumped on him for not calling us upon the return of the defective product as we were told. I will never, ever step foot into a Value City Furniture Store."

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  • Fa
      Jul 06, 2011

    June 1, 2011 I bought $4100 worth of furniture from VCF. BIG MISTAKE!... It is 7/6/2011 and I have yet to be able to get the rest of my furniture. With the exception of Sundays, I have talked daily and sometimes several times a day to this store and have yet been able to get the rest of my furniture. Very poor customer service. NEVER the same person that I talk to twice. I've talked with the General Manager down to the salesperson that I dealt with... all to no avail. WHAT CAN I DO NOW? I've even asked them to just come back and get all the furniture and refund me. I don't want to deal with them anymore. Any suggestions?

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