Vacation NetworkFraud, Scam

I purchased a vacation contract from Vacation Network, Inc. and got burned on my very first attempted use! I gave this company 9 months lead time for a vacation on South Padre Island, TX (I was told that if I gave them 6 months lead time that I would have no problem getting my request). Well, let's see. They offered my a couple of condos on a lake near my house in Houston (5 or so hours north of So. Padre Island and certainly not an island nor anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico), next was a condo in Corpus Christi (2 hours north of So. Padre Island and while on the Gulf, these condos were right near the Valero gasoline refinery (nice vacation that would have been) and finally a house on South Padre Island - yes on SPI, but no where near the beach or even a public access to the beach. When I asked for my money back, they told me to get lost since they had fulfilled their obligation by offering me so many choices (can you believe this ??!!) and that I had rejected them all.

Stay away from these frauds. Caveat Emptor.

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