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Where do I start. For the last 2 years I have been using them to ship orders of custom invitations to people all across the United States. Until this summer, I have had very little problems. Just to put this in perspective, they have lost 5 of the 7 packages I mailed in the last 7 days. One of them was an overnight package. They also were supposed to deliver an overnight package, that was guaranteed the next day by 3 p.m., to California. The lady paid for the service. I looked at and it stated that it was guaranteed by the next day. Otherwise I would have never purchased the $18 shipping label online. I dropped it off at 5:00 on a Friday. This was Labor Day weekend, so they didn't deliver Monday. So, the package was supposed to arrive on Tuesday. Tuesday came and went. I also waived the signature of the package, and it was clearly stated on the package. Wednesday they attempted to deliver the package to her home, but since she wasn't there to sign for it, they took it back to the post office, UGH! She finally got it Wednesday. So, according to their policy, I am supposed to get my customers shipping money back. I talked to a guy at the post office Tuesday after 3 p.m., and he told me I had to wait until it was delivered and would then be able to get my money back b/c it did not arrive in time. When I went back in Thursday, they told me that their computer was showing that it wasn't guaranteed until Thursday. Keep in mind that that is 4 full business days later; that's after me counting out Sunday and Monday. Why in the heck would Express Mail take 4 days? And why did their website promise it in one business day to that zip code? So, they would not give me my money back. That is totally wrong and against their policy.
They did this same thing about a month ago with an express package. They lady needed some programs for an event that was being held the Sunday. I mailed them out Friday morning, and they were guaranteed by Saturday at noon. Of course, they didn't arrive until Tuesday. I did get my $18 back. But, I had to send this poor woman a file so that she could take it to Kinkos to be printed. I had to foot the bill for this, and it ended up costing me $150 to print what originally cost $35 due to the rush fees. I am SO sick of the USPS. I'm not sure what I'm going to do though. I've got to look into other shipping services. They just lost a big customer. I ship every single day; all packages. I will stop printing invitations completely before I use them again. No wonder email has become so big.

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  • Ms
      Sep 09, 2010

    Umm, if that's the case, they shouldn't have told me that Saturday was counted as a business day. I was told that by 3 different people. I'm not a complainer, and I'm fully aware of the rules. Trust me. I read them all. I'm guessing you work for the post office.

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  • Mn
      Sep 11, 2010

    to file a real complaint, go to

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  • Mn
      Sep 11, 2010

    To file a real complaint regarding a crime, such as stolen items from the mail, go to It is evident that most people run to the internet and post stupid items of complaints instead of reporting it to the proper agency for a real investigation. This is what we get with the Facebook and Twitter Generation! Ya'll have no clue.

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