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USAirways / Customer rip-off!

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I am in receipt of your letter dated July 15, 2008 indicating that USAirways is unable to compensate my fiancé and I for the costs that we incurred during our horrible vacation that we booked through USAirways.

As mentioned in my earlier email, this is unacceptable and I am seeking and requesting USAirways to re-open this file and compensate us for this horrific nightmare of was �supposed� to be a vacation. Your company has purported false information both through your website and telephone customer service department.

For those of you that are reading this for the first time I will give you a brief summary of what we experienced with your USAirways Vacation Package:

The below is the original email that was sent to your company back in May of 2008:

�I am writing this letter to express to you the utter disgust and unacceptable conditions that myself and my fiancé incurred during a vacation to Punta Cana that we recently booked through USAirways. My fiancé and I sacrificed to save every penny for over 1 year to be able to go away on a vacation with one another as our 1 year anniversary only to experience the worst nightmare of our entire lives!!!

When we arrived to our destination (Punta Cana) we had to wait 1 ½ hours for the USAirways driver to transport us to the Barvaro Caribe Resort. Once at the resort we were shocked by the run down conditions of the property that we just paid $2325.40 in advance for, the staff at the resort were disrespectful and were not friendly whatsoever. When we tried to check they could not find our reservation in the archaic system and had us sit on the couch for another 1 ½ hours until they finally found a room for us. During this time no one offered us a �welcome drink� or a friendly smile.

Once we entered into our room at the Bararo Caribe we were appalled by the stench of the must and mildew that hit us in the entranceway. We called down to the front desk to see if they could move us to another room and each time we called they hung up on us, this occurred 4x�s each time saying they did not speak English. To make matters worse, our room was located at the very edge of the resort closest to the local marketplace that was lined by a fence and guards that were drinking beer!(If you forwarded this to the resort and they overlooked this line � please bring to their attention, this is not acceptable for the safety of their guests) We felt very unsafe at that resort, so we finally made the journey to the front lobby to ask for a room change, I will never forget the receptionist a the front desk, her name was �Wanda�- - she looked at us and did not take care of us for at least 20 minutes at which time she snickered and said there was nothing that she could do, by this time it was late in the evening and we were exhausted from the long days travel.

The worst is yet to come��we changed our clothes and went to take a shower to only be greeted by a large roach in the bathtub! The roach wasn�t even the worst of this experience the sheets on the bed were visibly dirty and smelly and the room was not fit for a pig to sleep in.

The next morning we once again went to the front desk to explain to the concierge the living conditions that we were exposed to and that we wanted either a new room or to leave the resort, they said that we could certainly leave the resort and go to the Bavaro Palace which they said was a 5 star resort. They would not upgrade us free of charge; they said that we would have to pay an additional fee for each day that we were upgraded to! We could NOT believe they had the audacity to think they could charge us for this when the living conditions at their resort were deplorable! We argued with the management staff and of course got no where and had no alternative but to pay the 13, 222.40 pesos or ($390.01 US) to have piece of mind to sleep at night without bugs and hopefully with guards that were not drinking beer and were actually doing their jobs!!

Once we arrived at the Palace we thought we were going to be just fine, once again they instructed us to sit on the couch because they could not find us in their system. The wait time for this was over 2 HOURS! I went up to the desk a few times only to be told that the Caribe was supposed to give us specific paperwork to bring over to the Palace, I told them that Wanda said that we did not need anything. The complete disconnect with the staff was embarrassing and horrible to have to even endure. We finally got our room which again was horrible and not much better than the Caribe. We both walked into the hotel room and began to cry and just wanted to take the first flight out to the extent that I tried to call the airline and again was not able to find an English speaking person. We spent the night at the Palace and were bite up all over our body, the bites were horrible and I had no Benedryl for us to take, when I went to the gift shop it was closed and the management staff was not able to accommodate us in anyway, they were just as rude as the Caribe staff.

I can go on and on about the horrible experience we encountered through USAirways vacation package department and the recommendations that the USAirways customer service staff advised us when booking this package. I finally went online to and looked up the best star rating hotel in Punta Cana which was the Paradisus Palma Real Resort, of course it was completely booked, but fortunately I was able to get us reservations for the last 2 days of our vacation. The cost was incredible but we for our own sanity we had to get out of this god forsaken resort and away from these rude people. This has got to be the most horrible experience of my entire life and I am prepared to take the steps necessary to never allow this to happen to another USAirways member again!

You need to read this letter and make changes at this resort immediately or take it off of your recommended package resorts, it is only dragging your name in the mud and leaving USAirways members with horrible experiences let alone health issues. *And most importantly you are false advertising a resort that does not meet your �stated customer first� satisfaction guidelines.

As a result of the deplorable hotel conditions at the Barvaro Resorts we had to incur a significant expense for a vacation that we were so very much looking forward to after a year of being with one another. The additional monies to leave your recommended resort and check into a hotel outside of your property because we were concerned for our health and well being is listed below.

The purpose of this letter is to first express to you the complete disappointment and disgust in the false advertisement that your company purported on your website. I am requesting a refund of this trip that cost us 3x as much as my budget ever allowed for and what has now put us in debit because of mis-advertisement of this package through USAiways. Please see list of costs below that we incurred because of this horrible experience. Something needs to be done by your company to compensate us for this horrible �USAirways Nightmare�.

� $2325.40 initial cost of vacation

� $300.00 upgrade fee to First Class ($150 pp)

� $390.01 upgrade fee to the Palace resort

� $940.00 (2nights for 2 people)

Cost: $3955.41

After reading this letter, I am sure that you can agree that the purported statements on your website stating �Customers First� is not reflective of your service.

In addition, your company states that you have a team of experts with first-hand knowledge - *see below.

�A team of sales experts with over 300 years� combined experience and first-hand knowledge of our destinations and properties to help you build the perfect vacation. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales experts know our destinations inside and out and can make rock-solid recommendations for the right vacation for your taste and budget, including group travel arrangements. And they�re available for you seven days a week, so you can book when it�s most convenient for you at [protected].�

How can you advertise on your website that your team of sales experts have �first-hand� knowledge of your properties? If that is the case then why on earth would you ever have them sell a vacation package with the Caribe? You should send these folks there for a QA of the property each year to determine if these places are safe, clean and acceptable for your members. I am telling you �first hand� that this particular resort lacks all of the qualities your customer service staff and website falsely advertised.

After reading your response to my request I am very disappointed that you have the audacity to tell me that you forwarded this complaint to the Guest Services Manager at the Bavaro Resorts and that they are declining a compensation, first and foremost this complaint is with USAirways and your false representations of a resort that your website and customer service staff falsely advertised. This complaint should not be taken lightly with your vacations group and I would highly suggest that you continue to press this issue and review the file in regards to a compensation agreement that is satisfactory to both of us.

I am a very dissatisfied customer and will continue to seek assistance until a resolution has been agreed upon and is favorable to both of us. I certainly understand that your company is being very particular in responding to these types of inquiries but I can assure you that our vacation was a nightmare and the conditions were unacceptable.

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  • Jo
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    Your basis that US Airways is responsbile for this is completely unfounded. If you have a problem with a hotel that you book through them, you should deal directly with the hotel, not some third party that is located thousands of miles from the Caribbean. If you have issues with airline staff, etc, then the company can help you with it. Why on earth should they pay for some other hotel's mistakes. They don't operate those hotels, and it's up to you to do research BEFORE you buy any vacation package, regardless if it says those people are "experts." The staff at US Airways Vacations have trips every year to various destinations where they visit each hotel. You stayed at a comfort-inn equiv of a resort, and you complain about it? Next time book a higher quality hotel.

    Oh, and that "musty" smell in rooms is usually because of humidity and hurricanes, you shouldn't have to live in that condition, that is totally WRONG of that hotel you went to. I may not agree with who you are complaining to, but I feel for your pain.

    John Beyek

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