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San Antonio, TX, United States
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My name is Rachel Evans, I'm a member w/ USAA and have been for 10+ years. I am so upset w/ this company, and how they treat their members by doing very sneaky things. Upon me looking into my 6 month renewal policy on 1/17/17 I noticed I was subjected to a pay in full plan which is something I DID NOT agree to or was even aware about. After speaking w/ a rep by the name of Elton (he was very unprofessional) and then w/ a supervisor Andrew informed me because I had a few late payments last year (which I always informed USAA and never had a cancelation) that I was subjected to a pay in full plan or to do automatic payments to avoid it. I'm so angry and feel very fooled by this insurance company who I always thought so highly of, I definitely don't feel that way now and can see just how money hungry they truly are. Sometimes in life things happen but at least I always took the time to call USAA and let them know in advance about any late payments I was going to have to make and they always had my word on that day that they were going to get paid! They still took my money without any issues but failed to let one of their valued members know about something like this. I'm disgusted w/ this company beyond words and fed up to the Max, this is NOT fair at all and in the line of customer service is NOT how you treat someone who has stuck w/ you for 10+ years! Something should be done about this bc this is just not right!

Jan 18, 2017

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