USAA Federal Savings Bankincorrect reporting to credit bureaus

April 1999 we got a car loan thru USAA. The payment were directly deducted from our USAA checking account every month by USAA. June 2002 we opened a checking account with a local bank and USAA started deducting the loan payemnts from that account - No problem!!! then in September 2002 Chapter 13 bankruptcy was filed and USAA was notified. The car loan was current and USAA continued to deduct the payment from our checking account. In December 2002 USAA reported the loan as 3 months past due!!! Needless to say, we proved to the court that the loan was current.
The loan was paid off in April 2004. USAA has been reporting this loan as a charged off bad debt since May 2003 ansd as 3 month past due. USAA refuses to correct this on the credit report and it will stay on there till May 2013. We are now reopening the Chapter 13 only to get this corrected.


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