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Whatever happened to the good USAA. I mean they used to be more then happy to take care of thier customers. It used to be that if for whatever reason there was within a reasonable amount if you didn't have funds they would cover it anyways. I guess thats part of the free overdraft. See when I see free overdraft I see a company saying they willt ake care of me. So now they LIE. They only have free overdraft if you have another account linked to the primary account. So how is that even FREE overdraft. Whats sad is that USAA used to be a great bank, now BOA beats them in thier overdraft protection. USAA seems to be after fees now. Then if you call them and tell them something is fraudulant on your account they tell you that well you have to call the company that sent the fraudulent charge through. So basically you have a bank now that Wants fees, won't investigate fraudulent activity, an blatantly lies to customers. Whats even worse is I spoke to someone who allegedly works in executive relations who told me "tuff we don't care". And that if someone charges something to my account even though there is money in another account we won't cover it, and if you tell us its fraud we won't investigate. So USAA has taken a complete nose dive when it comes to banking, and customer service.

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  • Li
      14th of Nov, 2010

    I am utterly disgusted with USAA Mortgage Services. When I call for a status on my VA refinance, my processor barely can form a sentence in English and is also very rude. She will never return a call either. On 1 loan, this is my 4th processor assigned! None of them could speak very good english neither were they kind. Nothing against Mexican American people- however, in business, you need bright, articulate, knowledgeable staff that communicate kindly and effectively. I give up AND I also will be contacting Clark Howard to tell him my disgust!! USAA Mortgage is based in San Antonio. I did some checking around and found that it is the policy of USAA Mortgage to hire and promote Mexican Americans over caucasian. Who gets hurt the blatent favortism like this?? It is the Veteran!! I am trying to warn everyone I can to stay away from them! In the name of "political correctness" they are hurting the customer and I am disgusted. Hmmm is it a coincidence that the CEO is a Mexican American as well? Joe Robles USAA Mortgage Services is Toxic and should be avoided.

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  • El
      5th of Aug, 2013

    I am also disgusted with USAA. I purchased health supplemental insurance with them and just 3 months after it started, they raised their premium rates. So, I contacted their Customer Service to get a lower rate, and signed up for the lower rate. They told me the only difference between the higher and lower premium rate was I would have to pay a co-pay each time I saw a doctor and each time I went to emergency room. They did not explain that I would have to meet a high deductible before they would pay the bill. They are not a reputible company anymore!

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