US Post Office / not getting our mail

142 CHILTON HALL, APT. A2 ELIZABETH, NJ 07202, Elizabeth, NJ, United States

Me and my wife moved into apartment in march of this year. We put in change of address thru the post office on broad street in elizabeth, nj. We got our mail for a couple weeks. Then we stopped getting it. I went to the post office again and the lady there had me fill out a form. All our mail keepsd going back to the senders. We put our names on the mail box but obviously that didn't help. We are still getting mail for the people who lived there before us. The lady at the post office said we problably got a different postal employee. I've tried calling the supervisor for 2 days now and have not got any response. I've lived in other towns and have never had this much problem getting my mail.

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