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I was flying Philadelphia to SFO and the flight attendant kindly offered a drink and I kindly accepted a bloody mary. I soon realized I made a mistake because I am trying to decrease my alcohol drinking. I gave my drink to my friend that was flying coach because I didn't want the drink to go to waste. The attendant went from super nice to super mean in a heart beat. She earlier asked to take my coat to be hung. When she asked if I gave my drink away, I said yes and told her politely that I didn't know I couldn't give my drink away and I had never heard or read this rule. She replied, "Why don't you use your common sense?" And She said this in front of a full cabin so everyone in the 1st class heard this because there is only 4 rows. I felt embarrassed that she would say this basically accusing me of stealing a $5 drink.
I replied to her, "Why don't you be more polite?"
I was so mad that I when back to the back of the plane in a lot of traffic, asked my friend to give me back the drink and I slammed the drink on the galley table. "here's your damm drink back!" She reported me to Captain Leo and I told my side of the story to him and he told me that there are in fact rules (not that obvious) about giving away drinks. I apologized to him and told him that I didn't know about these rules. He complimented my cloths and said that it was only a 3 and 1/2 hr flight and basically just get along for a relatively short flight. This calmed me down and on my way back to my seat I went to the galley and said sorry to "Nurse Crotchety." (One flew over the Cuckoo's nest.) She did not acknowledge me and just looked away. I did not order anymore drinks or food. I lost trust in U.S.Airway's representative for common decency and common courtesy. I wouldn't put it past her to put a bugger in my meal. Why does this ice water taste so funny? Because she yelled at me in front of a full cabin and made me go get my drink (in a lot of traffic), she made me feel like a child. More over, she made me feel like a thief. She made no attempt to explain the rules and the logic behind them. Even now, I still don't understand how a $5 drink could cause so much fuss. I would have paid for the fricken drink. No passengers should be made to feel like a thief.

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  • Lo
      19th of Dec, 2011

    I have been a member of US Airways skymiles program for many years and accumulated 83, 000 miles. Earlier this year because of my age and health issues and knowing that these miles could be lost this year, I called US Airs customer service to try and determine what could be done to retain the miles without flying. I was told that purchases made thru their SkyMall program would earn miles and extend the time for the miles to expire. Taking this information, I made 2 different purchases from a retailer on SkyMalls site in April 2011. I never received the miles credit and and according to them my miles expired in July. I have fought with them for months and furnished proof of the purchases. They are totally death to my complaint and want me to pay a fee to reinstate the miles. Their customer service department employees have the habit of passing the buck and you can never talk to the same employee twice. I have written to their President, but I doubt that he cares. Look at all the complaints against them. Their reputation is terrible. I will not fly them again and caution all before giving them your business

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  • Ma
      25th of Apr, 2012

    So you didn't know that you couldn't give your drink away? Really she was right use your (not so) common sense. Especially since you gave it to someone in coach, who do not get complimentary drinks. Because the attendants are not supposed to serve people who show signs of being drunk, she had every right to be upset since she is responsible for who is served alcohol.

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