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US Airways / Military refund of flights

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I just wanted to share this that I went through with US Airways - I hope that you will please share this with others - Please send it to your sales managers, corporate travel people, Kiwanis Clubs, alumni groups, church officials etc..we need to get this word out. Ok I just need to vent my son is going back to Iraq for a 2nd time next month

When our Strykers ( Strykers 1-25 from Ft Wainwright AK) were in CA training they were told that they would be able to fly out on the 3rd from Vegas. So my son had his ticket to fly out on US Airways that day. Well they got done sooner and were told that they would be taken to the airport on the 1st. Matt called the airlines to see if he would be able to change his ticket for a reasonable cost. He was told it would be $37.00 which he could pay at the airport. Well when he got to the airport he was 1st told that was wrong but it was only going to be $97.00 because they would wave the changing fee. But then they said no they had to charge him the $150.00 fee plus the $97.00. Needless to say of course he wanted to come home early and not sit in the airport for two days so he paid it. He explained the whole thing to them and showed them his military ID so they new he was Army. The kicker is that his buddy decided to travel in his uniform (Matt having been in it for the month was ready to be in "normal clothes" so was not in uniform) Well they did not charge him anything extra to change his ticket.

So being Mom - he gave me all the information and I wrote them a letter explaining everything and this is there reply--

Dear Mrs. Quinter:

Thank you for contacting Customer Relations at US Airways. We appreciate you
contacting us regarding the change fee. On behalf of US Airways, we appreciate
Matthew's service to protect and defend our country.

Non-refundable tickets present the most economical fares. However, they are
also one of the more restrictive tickets. These restrictions make it possible to
continue to offer low priced sale fares in addition to deeply discounted air

If our customers are unable to travel as originally scheduled and have
contacted us prior to their day of departure, US Airways does offer the
flexibility of using the ticket at a later date. Tickets will retain their
monetary value for one year from the date of issue.

A reissue fee of $150.00 will be assessed along with any applicable fare
difference at the time of reissue. If the new fare for travel is less than the
unused credit, there is no residual value.

Please note: Some times Military fares are higher than the normal fare because
the ticket goes from a non-refundable to a fully refundable and in some markets
there is no military discount.

We regret the circumstances that necessitated the change in your son's
travel plans. Please fax in your son's military orders for further review
and we will forward to our Refund Department for consideration of the $150.00
change fee.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to address your concerns. We appreciate
and value your business and look forward to serving you on a future US Airways

Fax number [protected], please refer to file 2611896B

J Cano
US Airways Customer Relations
Corporate Office

Well being that this was scheduled leave there are no orders to fax them - I wrote and told him that and this was his reply

Dear Ms. Quinter:

Thank you for your recent correspondence to Customer Relations at US Airways. We apologize that our former attempts to resolve this issue were not to your satisfaction. As customer satisfaction is our main focus, we want to be sure the decisions we make are based on research, facts, policies and procedures, along with customer perceptions. We are very concerned about any breakdown in service that disrupts or detracts from the enjoyable travel experience all of our customers have a right to expect.

Again, please accept our apology for your inconvenience. We sincerely hope you will give US Airways another chance to earn back your business.

J Cano
US Airways Customer Relations
Corporate Office

Needless to say I just wrote them and told him that there is no way we will be flying with them ever because there are lots of choices out there that are fair to our military. I know that this is a long email but wanted you to see there words. Makes me mad that they are basically saying that they should pay the higher price so "if" or "when" they have to change it they can - Do they not realize that these young men and women do not live on high incomes.

Ok I am off the soap box for now and thanks for letting me vent There are good airlines out there that will work with the Military - like American and Delta

Proud Army MOM

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      5th of Apr, 2011
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    Going through the exact same thing with my Marine Husband. He received extended orders and is no longer able to attend his sister's wedding. To fly from CA to NY involved two airlines. Needless to say, after paying cancellation and rebooking fees between the two carriers (Jet Blue and US Airways) we are left with $50.00 each carrier to use within a yr out of the original $400.00 plane ticket. I am fuming. They said because it was not a military ticket, they did not care if he had orders or not.

  • De
      20th of Dec, 2012
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    DO NOT FLY US AIRWAYS IF YOUR MILITARY. My son is out over $1900 dollars because he had to change his flight plans due to a change in his orders. Called today to see if they would adjust the prices and got a very rude customer service person. It wont' end here as I will go to the top with an e-mail to the head honcho at Customer Relations. Not sure after reading some of the posts about complaints that the results will be good.. Will never fly US Airways again... nor will my son and will pass the word on to anyone I know. . United Airline seems Military friendly & even has a form you can submit for Military Personnel who have a change in orders . This will be my airline of choice from now on. Deb Byrne Paso Robles CA

  • Wh
      20th of Dec, 2012
    -2 Votes

    EVERY airline, hear me well, every single one, charges a $150 change reservation fee, and every single one charges the difference in fare. Your military service does NOT entitle you to anything. If you want a free flight, then jump a hopper. Otherwise, pay like the rest of Americans do.

  • Mi
      23rd of Dec, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Ok, [censored] tard. Military don't look for hand outs when we travel on orders. We travel between destinations when we are told to and purchase the tickets on the government dime. If they decide to change plans in the middle of training and adjust our travel dates, it is not our fault, yet the airlines and ###s like you think we are some charity case. I didn't ask to go to some training, I was told to, hence I am not paying out of my own pocket what little I already get paid to correct and error made by others above my pay grade. So hear me well, you condescending tool. You can act tough all you want and stand on your soap box, spouting off your anti-military rhetoric, but should you ever cross paths with me, I'd be glad to smack your ignorance out of you until you apologize for disrespecting the US military. My military service and sacrifices in combat entitle me to a lot of things. To begin with, it entitles me to a [censored]ing thank you and a hand shake from ### like you who think I'm not entitled to anything, then I am entitled to you swiftly about facing and getting the [censored] away from me.

  • Wh
      27th of Dec, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I would be interested in your name, rank, and serial soldier. Very interested.

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