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terrible customer service

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United Postal Service
Sunnyside, New York
United States
Here's a letter we just sent to UPS about our terrible experience with them:

We recently moved from California to New York and shipped some of our belongings through UPS. We were absolutely appalled throughout the process at the singularly unhelpful and often rude customer service we encountered. We would like to share with you our experience with your business in order that others who entrust their belongings to you may not regret their decision as much as we regret ours.

We grant that the cause of the problem was originally our fault. Due to a miscommunication, our mailing address on the packages was incomplete, with no apartment number listed. We do not in any way hold UPS accountable for the initial failed delivery. Luckily, we had been tracking our packages closely on the UPS website and noticed that there was a package “exception.” We did not want the packages to be shipped back to California and then have to pay to reship them, so we immediately got on the phone to try to figure out the situation. The customer service agent on the main UPS line was quite rude to us, refusing to give us any information whatsoever about the packages since we were not the shipper, only the receiver. Therefore, we called my boyfriend's parents, who had shipped the packages to us, and had them call the number. It seems to me that the receiver of a package should have the same rights to it as the sender, but perhaps this agent was only following the processing directions she was given.

When the shipper finally got through to someone who could give them information, she was told that we would have to go to a UPS holding facility and pick up the packages ourselves, even though they had only attempted to deliver them once and our shipper had called to have the address changed to include the apartment number. This makes no sense from either a customer service or a business point of view. It is inconvenient for the receiver to have to pick up the package themselves and it must cost significantly more for you to ship the packages back to the sender rather than just redelivering them.

When we further pressed the issue, the customer service agent told us that we might try having the sender go to the shipping center from which the package was originally mailed and ask them to redeliver the package with the correct address. However, when the sender asked for their phone number, the customer service agent couldn't give it to her. It seems ridiculous that this process (which is not even clear will work) must be done in person from the shipping location.

For comparison's sake, we recently had Internet purchases shipped to us by FedEx, one of your competitors, and they attempted to deliver the package three separate times before asking us to come pick it up from the holding facility. We have recently moved to New York City, and therefore we do not have a car and are also a bit short on cash at the moment, so going to the holding facility to pick up our packages was not a simple request. We were going to have access to a car for the weekend, so we were hoping to pick up the packages on Friday evening, but we were told that the office closed at 5PM and was not open on the weekends. Therefore, we rented a U-Haul, which cost us $40 and a deal of stress trying to book the van at the last minute.

When we drove out to the holding facility on Friday, we arrived at the address UPS had provided us (in New York) only to find that there was no UPS facility at that location. We called the UPS main number again and spoke with an agent who was unable to help us with directions, but said she would transfer us to a supervisor. After 5 minutes of waiting, we were transferred to a lovely woman at the UPS number in Greenpoint, North Carolina, who obviously was unable to help us with directions in New York. At this point, we asked a man standing on the sidewalk if he knew where the UPS center was, and he directed us to it flawlessly. It turned out that the address you had given us was incorrect. We were a bit surprised that this man, who was completely unaffiliated with UPS, was better informed and far more helpful than any of your employees.

We finally arrived at the holding facility, where we were shocked to learn that UPS was in fact supposed to deliver our packages to us once the address had been changed (see attached photo). Additionally, the holding facility was actually open until 8PM, not 5PM, which meant that we had wasted the $40 renting the U-Haul. Thanks, UPS. The employees at the holding facility gave us trouble about picking up the package and then stood by and watched while we struggled to load the packages into our van. When I asked them for help with loading, the male employee (who looked far stronger than either of us) informed me that his job is to bring us the packages, and that's the extent of what he is supposed to do.

That statement pretty much encapsulates our entire experience with UPS. Throughout this stressful process, your employees gave us the bare minimum of help, if even that much. We ended up wasting time and money while getting rude service and conflicting information from different sources all within the same company. While we ultimately did end up with our packages, we feel that UPS did not live up to its promised standard of customer service. We will not be using your services in the future, and we will be sure to tell all of our friends about this experience as well. Further, we would appreciate it if you would reimburse us the $40 that we wasted on the U-Haul due to our being misinformed about the services you are supposed to provide. We feel that this is a small favor to ask, given your company's complete failure to provide adequate customer service to us.
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N  1st of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
Do not use UPS, we sent four packages from Dar es Salaam office to Italy totalling 70kgs, our items INCLUDE wedding gifts that we could not carry on the plane as we had a destination wedding.

They promised delivery within four days of the items being sent on 21nov 2008. We paid usd800 and until now no one can reasonbaly explain why the items have not been deleivered.

After calling the Milan and Bergamo office where apparently the parcles are, (initially they were in Nairobi then Dubai, Germany no one at their respective offices knows why...),
we have found out after numerous phone calls and emails later that the items are in Italy but we have to wait another weeek for delivery, pay 50euros for customs fees which customs have confirmed this charge is not normally being applied, no one can give an explanation why the items were delayed, neither confirm that indeed they will be delivered on December 4th but should they not be delivered on december 4th, they intend charging us 11euros a day.
Even worse, the staff at UPS office in Bergamo confirmed that the so called tracking number which is to help the customer track whereabouts of parcels at all times through their website does not really work and it is a marketing tool to give the customer some confidence when wanting to use their services. Honestly!

I am so disappointed by their service, appalled by their lack of consideration to innocent customers who trust the UPS brand name and my advice to anyone reading this, use UPS at your peril and considerable frustration, end of the day their service is costly for rapid delivery, you are better of paying extra luggage allowance at the airport.
A  7th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I agree completely. I shipped a computer across the country with UPS not too long ago, and when it arrived the box was torn in many places, the computer case was scratched despite being packed in bubble wrap, packing peanuts and packing paper, and many of the internal components (Hard drives and optical drives) were jarred loose from their mounts. I did not try and deal with UPSs customer service because I didn't think it would be worth the trouble (sounds like I was right!), but I did not have a good experience. I'm definitely with you in never dealing with UPS again, and trying to spread the word!
N  13th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
Can I help?

My name is Debbie Curtis-Magley and I work with UPS Public Relations. I apologize for the delay in my response. We try to reply to online concerns like yours in a quicker fashion.

I want to apologize for the lousy experience you had. I realize we lost your confidence and trust in our service.

If you'd like my assistance, contact me at upsfeedback@ups.com. Please send your contact details and if available, the tracking numbers for the shipments.
N  3rd of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
My experience happened 45 minutes ago. I needed to have a pkg held at my local facility. I called the 1800pickups number for help. I spoke with a lady in customer service and explained that I had a 2nd day air pkg coming in for my business and would like it held at the facility. I let her know that I had to have the pkg early and delivery to my address usually doesn't happen until late in the day. I was told they cannot hold the pkg until they have made a delivery attempt. I ask for the local number or if she could contact the facilty for me. I was told they do not have those numbers and they can't contact the facility. I kept making suggestions that I feel she truly enjoyed saying no too. I ask to speak to a supervisor and I was told they are busy and it would be a long wait. I was furious. I pay $92 to have a pkg shipped 2nd day air and have to deal with absolutely horrible customer service. I finally searched the internet found the local number which is not listed in the phone books. I called the local facility and had the request to hold my package granted with no problems. Why did I have to go through all this for a simple request? It's not worth my time or money. By the way I am a retired UPS employee. What has happened to the customer service?

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