UPSscamming bill to someone sent to me instead

UPS is such a scamming company. It failed to deliver my merchandise on time, it blamed on customer for its own fault. I hired workers to be there at my home. It failed to show up at appointed time, so I ended up paying the worker for nothing. Then again it failed to deliver again on its second attempt. UPS hires bad workers; they didn’t even try to deliver the furniture because they came with the longest truck at night that they don’t know how to get in and out of my neighborhood. Its driver fears of damaging something but why didn’t they plan to come early before 6:00pm as they promised?? That beats me. Finally they got someone else bold enough to deliver. The delivered merchandise went broke after they’re gone, and I opened up deep inside, I ended up had it repaired.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Tacoma, WA Then in the end it sent me its $132 scamming bill in my cousin’s name that owns Ebay account that has nothing to do with the whole deal. I sent its scamming bill back and informed it that it billed the wrong person and it never listen. UPS kept sending me its annoying bill in my cousin’s name for months. Neither I nor my cousin had agreed to any redelivery charge. It was its stupid UPS workers that failed to deliver, and accused me of not being there at my home. I wish to sue this company. I also learned that these UPS workers are such coward and cheap people, contrary to their excessive service charges. They park at other people’s property (near their shipping facility in South Center) by hundred without paying for parking. I am going to talk to a judge to see what I can give to this scamming company.

Jan 05, 2015

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