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University Of Phoenix Online / terrible experience

1 3157 East Elwood Street; Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 602-387-7000

Reformatting my paper submitted at the conclusion of a 43-unit program, an instructor ignored for an entire week my question about the altered margins and unsound remarks against my syntactic elegance. She illustrated an inherent motive to ignore my questions pertaining to that incident and to the placement of tables which the APA 5th Edition indicates should follow the References Section.

I left a message with John Hargis about the altered margins and the English skills of the teacher and most of the class which indicated that they could not have satisfied an upper-division University English requirement; furthermore, I noted the truth--most of these teachers have apparently not satisfied English 1A and 1B requirements. How could these students be teaching even at primary-school levels if they have not satisfied upper-division University requirements? I have revised papers for learning team members only to be unduly criticized by a few of the students, and I fear undue criticism from teachers who do not hope to admit the veracity of my observations. If the UC Regents investigate the low reading grade-level that prevails within the class...yes, at least the students are writing.

Yet, most of these are students who object to any advice regarding syntax and etymology--the UOP administration is afraid of me, therefore. The vygotskean scaffolding process I am coordinating within the online structure. Nonetheless, the individual who has violated Standards of Conduct is the UOP course facilitator. How may I plea to the Dean of Students? My advisor indicates that I will be able to complete these last 3 courses. However, I completely object to this letter as I have violated no code of conduct whatsoever. What further fallacious reasoning and fraud may emanate now? I have conscientiously completed about 35 units that I cannot transfer to the Universities that offer state grants? I am the one who has been a victim of fraud.

After a week of consistent diligence that I rendered to the class with the Action-Research-Project facilitator, I noted that she refused to respond to my question--she evaded my question until I asked her if she did not sense a legal responsibility to answer my question. I asked her if she had any statutory obligations to honor the integrity of her learning institution. I reminded her that she had contradicted herself, asking me to submit an APA-format paper which I did; that essential paper she did purposely alter. No learning team member was offended; in fact, I did most of the work for that team, and one member e-mailed me affirming her belief that I should be pleased with my grade.

My first reaction is to detect the truth about her attitude and motive. At Stanford University Medical School, Dr. Morris Gutterman and associates always responded with respect for my reflective feedback and insight. Perhaps I have been a victim of fraud, harassment, and collusion while I have resided in Oakland striving to return to San Francisco to complete a second B.A. in English Language. Originally, I had received a grant from the UC Regents, a work-study option, and other scholarships. Someone mutilated my reserve notices; pitifully, I my meager resources constrained me; however, I overcame that when I complete my first B.A. and completed to meritable standards the CBEST and GRE.

When University of Phoenix phone advisors called me, I had just received a Financial Aid Load offer from Goal Financial. Because my CBEST scores were remarkably high--I continue to read about as much as I did when I took Psychology and History courses.

The motive of this instructor may thwart my future with UOP. I have a letter from Becky Lodewyck and Robert L. Johnson, Directors of Academic Affairs, accusing me of breaching their code of conduct; this allegation is absurd. The instructor initiated the code of conduct for altering my work and evading my questions. My wording was professional and appropriate; characteristics that I manifest always. Now that I have virtually completed their M.A. program, UOP directors have written me a letter stating that the instructor ordered me to 'cease and desist.' My advisor promises me not to worry; that I may complete my last several courses toward my program.

Perhaps the source is inherent in the illiterate standards for which cause the City-of-Oakland Public Schools and Alameda County Social Services cannot design and manage a structure conducive to satisfactory SAT scores--Oakland students achieve the lowest SAT scores in the state of California; administrators attribute the detriment to poverty. However, I have taken many exams to work for these people who write and speak in an English colloquial jargon that Dr. Richard Crews and Stanley Tick would demerit. I believe that they may be in collusion with UOP online--I should have avoided informing any of them about my enrollment there; however, a counselor from the University from which I graduated assured me that Oakland Public Schools Administration should objectively review my qualifications.

Having examined reports filed by other citizens thinking of UOP online as submitted here and through the Better Business Bureau, I cannot ascertain the scope of the collusion to which I have been a victim. Language among numerous Alameda County medical personnel and administrators, however, is quite unprofessionally coordinated: faulty predication, faulty passives, and dangling modifiers, for example, that prevent meaning. Perhaps our entire academia is being corrupted by those who support but their own private prestige and interests despite the overt evidence that zealous monetary practices are compromising communicative skills and products.

Indeed I have located several law firms to which I may forward copies of these letters that provide evidence of fraud and harassment against my character. I was apprehensive at first to involve myself with this University; however, the sincere demeanor of my advisor incited my venture. I do trust that I am wasting no more student loan funds to pay for classes in which my work will be mutilated and criticized by monetarily oriented butchers of the English language. Please guard my name from UOP online; some of their supporters may attempt to further my demise.

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  • Dk
      17th of Jan, 2009
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    omg I am so glad to see I am not the only one unhappy to put it lightly with phoenix online! I'm a single mom fighting for disability and low income. I wanted to get into medical billing and coding. So looked into online colleges. Due to not being in school for 20 yrs, wanted one that would work with me. The staff was convincing and told me I would have all this support etc...Wrong answer! After telling them I wanted billing and coding they stuck me in health administration...I didn't want that! But figured try it since they told me I would be doing billing and coding. One teacher was decent...the other was too busy with favortism and reminded me of someone who into cliques etc. I would do my homework and she would send me a message telling me I didn't do it. This kept going on..I reported it and even showed the advisor my homework etc. I finally got sooooo frustrated I told the teacher that since she wouldn't acknowledge my homework and was obvious she would fail me..just do it. I kept this homework on my comp for the last two george harris convinced me to try the class again and with a different teacher...but I would have to pay for it. I learned after having to have surgery, going thru a divorce and losing my home, that this college would not work with me. I got a teacher who did and said if I finished 9 assignments and the finals she would pass me...I did those, then the finals went to send it in and she wrote back that I had forgot one thing...I hurried and sent it back..but with phoenix onlines time..I was 1 min late so I failed. Now their saying I owe them money...I don't think no help at that college. Here I could've gone to the local community college here or msu which both are 5 mins away, but instead let them convince me to go to them. Last week I got a email from another staff member asking me to come back ..I replied no thank you...the school failed me and I would be stupid to even try and give it another chance. University of Colorado called me and honestly I was interested due to they had the program I wanted, but like I told them..Phoenix Online ruined me for any online college. So struggling fianacially but am checking into lansing community college near me...I feel phoenix online preys for the low income and people really wanting a change. I warn anyone who mentions online college not to even give phoenix a chance unless they want to be screwed over.

  • Wi
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    First of all, to "DksLdy66" - you sound like a mess. I have classes with people like you and not only should you not be enrolled at the UoP, you shouldn't be in any college wasting the times of instructors, fellow classmates, and most of all, yourself. Start with a basic english language workshop and go from there. Learn how to form sentences and communicate effectively. Study time management so you are not "1 minute late" turning in assignments. How you thought you could even attempt college, any college, while dealing with a home loss and a divorce is beyond me. College is demanding and time consuming. The only other things that should be in your life is your job and family during college-time; I should know just completing the Uop program.

    Now, to give a fair assessment of the Uop program; here is a balanced evaluation from a recent graduate: Is the UoP for everyone and anyone. NO! Is it a worthless degree; not necessarily. Is it a great school; not necessarily. You need to evaluate your situation before signing up for a course such as the UOP. Here is what the Uop is perfect for:

    Someone (like myself) who is currently working in corporate America, and needs a BS degree to take the next step up. In most cases your company requires a BS for certain positions - they don't care where the degree is coming from because most likely you are already a proven candidate with work experience, however their policy (like my company) is strict about having the BS before they can put you into that position.

    Also, if your company pays for it, like mine does, it's a no brainer. I work during the day, complete my assignments during the evening, and I earned my degree and took a promotion with a nice pay raise and a ladder that I can now climb.

    The UoP is also perfect for someone who just is not able to attend a live environment due to work and family (namely children). Some people simply don't have the schedules to accommodate going to a classroom (and geographically it may be impossible) especially if you have young children. I know of many classmates who jumped into better paying positions simply because they had a BS degree and the companies didn't care that it was from UoP - so there are definitely opportunities out there for these types of degrees. And I don't believe there shouldn't be options for those who don't have the ability to attend live environments - everyone should have a vehicle for education - just remember this one costs a LOT MORE!!!

    Now, here's who shouldn't attend:

    Someone right out of highschool making a mediocre income or having no job at all. What are you thinking!!?? Get your butt to a community college, and then go to a state college after that at minimal expense with a respected degree. In these economic times I would even suggest avoiding the expense private flashy degree. I see so many people at my office with those degrees and there not making much more than the others with state school degrees - and they are carrying 50k-100k in student loans and it simply isn't worth it. You better be going into a specialized field (doctor, lawyer, etc.) -if you are walking out of school with 100k of student loan debt.

    Interesting story: I went to my human resource department and asked what they felt about my degree (remember: I already work for the company so in my case it didn't matter). The answer I got was interesting: Depending on the position, and all things being equal in terms of knowledge and work experience towards the position - they were told they would look at the UoP person first!! The reason: "We know someone who has a family and a full-time job; and has the ability to go back to school has a strong work ethic. They are worth taking the risk on. The person who went to school full-time through a traditional college is a crap shoot because we don't have any insight into their work ethic.".

    So, figure out your situation. Understand WHY you would be enrolling in UoP or equivalent. If you don't work or have a part-time job then definitey hit a community college and state school first. However, if you're up against a wall and a BS can get you more money - then do whatever is necessary to get it. In this case, the 20K investment will definitely pay off handsomely going forward.

  • Uo
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    I agree with Willy on the conditions of when to seek a UOP degree. I earned my degree from UOP while working full time. The company I worked for had a tuition reimbursement program and paid 100% of the expense, so in essence it didn't cost me anything but time.

    I was getting bored with where I was and ready to move on with my career. I wanted a BS degree to enhance my resume. I understood that experience and a BS degree carry more weight than just experience. And as Willy pointed out, the degree has become a requirement for applying, most employers don't care where it's from as long as the degree is not the only thing being used to apply.

    Once I earned the degree I became very "marketable", and within months of completion I accepted a new position with a different employer that offered $9, 000 dollars more a year and an environment to grow in. It's the best thing I did for my career.

    The OUO degree opened doors for me, not because it's from a great university, but because it meets a basic requirement for the application process.

  • Jo
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    I really feel sorry for UOP alumni. Having attended REAL college and then University of Phoenix, I found that University of Phoenix is nothing more than blogging with a moderator. In real college the professor actually teaches and imparts knowledge upon the students. It takes a little work from the professors but yes you actually learn. The worst part

    So your company bought you a piece of paper that states that you 'attended' UOP. So in essence, you showed up! That may have opened doors for you but if you ever attempt to pursue further education I suggest staying with UOP. You will not be a able to survive in academia outside of UOP.

    Also to Willy, you sound as if you work for UOP. As with all things you completely lose credibility when your first statement in a debate is a personal attack. Attacking somebody as 'you are a mess'. From that point on your argument supporting UOP sounds like an commercial of how great it is. All of that dismissed from your personal attack. Something you probably should take a class in is debate. Any personal attack in a debate shows your opponent and anyone listening that you are misinformed but are unwilling to submit that you know nothing of the subject.


  • La
      9th of Feb, 2009
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    I graduated 6 months ago and really need to go to college
    it's really hard for me to psychically attend a college for personal reasons
    and my grandpa told me about the Phoenix online program so i called
    My guide seemed really nice and eager to help me and everything seemed fine

    but looking into what you guys said and what others have i don't know what to feel about phoenix and i really don't know what to do

    Is it really as bad as people are saying?
    is there any other online colleges i can attend that won't screw me over?

  • Wi
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    If you read my post carefully you would note that I never say the UOP is a great school; only that it meets certain obligations under certain circumstances. Further, I do not work for the UOP, I'm just trying to give fair advice to those researching. When I first started researching online schools I noticed something very interesting: Every post was written by someone who barely had a grasp of the english language, didn't sound like they were ready for any kind of college experience, and was lashing out for personal issues that were unique to themselves. It was hard to find a balanced review, because the people satisfied with the program were not posting reviews! And I know people personally who are satisfied with the program - so they do exist!

    Typically message boards are filled with angry people, not content ones. So my review was meant to give some decent advice and feedback on such a program - and who might be right for the program. And you're right, as I have attended the 1st 2 years of my degree at California State University of Northridge, I can wholeheartedly agree with you that I got much more of a learning experience from that program. Please go back and read the reasons I give for someone who might opt for this degree. My advice is pretty clear.

    Oh, and please learn to quote someone correctly and not distort words to your satisfaction. You quoted me as saying "You are a mess" - I did not say that. Look again, I said "You sound like a mess". There is a BIG difference! I was not calling "DksLdy66" a name, rather I was suggesting that she learn how to write something eloquently and get her priorities in order so when she makes a statement about something people in the real world will take her seriously.


  • Sa
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    After reading all the PROS & CONS on UOP, I believe one truly outweighs the other. I have heard a lot of complaints on this so-called college and few good things. The good ones actually sound like they either work for them in some compacity or this school was the only one who would accept them (after all - bank accounts do speak!). I also have a friend who had similar unpleasant experiences with them. I, personally, graduated from a (real) well known college but have nothing against "mai order" schools. I also own my own company and do my own hiring. If someone were to have attended a mail order school while holding down a job, then yes I would consider speaking with them. On the other hand, if your resume shows you just "attended" a mail order company and were unemployed at the same time then I would have to assume you had nothing better to do with your time except attend a mail order/on-line school. My suggestion is check into whats available in the "real-time" world and get a degree you can be proud of and not just a peice of paper showing you spent most of your time playing on a computer when you could have been a productive citizen..

  • Am
      22nd of Feb, 2009
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    Hello Willy,

    I agree you with you to an extent, but I also run my own company and have realized that UOP Graduates are more hard working than many students who have graduated from a trditional College. I also realized your using the term 'Real College" which shows your only conceded and on the attack aswell. University of Phoenix has been recognized by the Higher learning commsssion, and the North Central Association aswell as the Government for Student aid. Many traditional "Real Colleges" are also offering online classes because its a changing world and technology has moved up intodays world, and some People have responsibilities and simply dont have the time to attend a traditional college. People have choices, and online education is a choice in todays work.

    I would personally prefer a student to study at a traditional College, but I will not undermine a student who studies at an online college, and would never call a traditional college a "Real College" because Education is Education as long as you want to learn. Lets also not forget the fact that if U.O.P or other Online Colleges weren't using the proper tools and curriculum, they would have never been recognized for student aid, or the Higher education as well as other Associations.

    As I said, I agree with you to an extent, but disagree with the fact that your using "real college" and misinforming people researching an alternative to traditional college, and only have the opportunity to attend an online college due to work or other resposibilities. Many respected Universities and Community Colleges are now offering online classes, and over 80% of Universities and Colleges accept transfer credits from U.O.P, Devry, and other online Universities and Colleges ( I doubt they would accept transfer credits from fake colleges)


  • Sh
      22nd of Feb, 2009
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    I know exactly where you all are coming from, I graduated in february of 2008 and until this day I still
    do not have a job that I recieved my degree in, and I will tell you why when I called to get the information on the online schooling they said that the online students would be doing an internship well they lied. they only do externships and companies out here in california will not hire you unless you have had internship training with your degree.

    I am still having a hard time . This really sucks, and stay away from Anthem Online College online
    and SallieMae the are financial rippoffs.

  • Am
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    What was your major? What degree do you currently hold? Did you graduate from Anthem Online College?

  • Wi
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    Samantha / Amen:

    I appreciate your thoughtful responses to my original post. Thanks for taking my post for what it was originally intended - a fair critique of the program with some concrete information to those surfing these message boards looking for substantive information.

    Samantha - you state: "If someone were to have attended a mail order school while holding down a job, then yes I would consider speaking with them. On the other hand, if your resume shows you just "attended" a mail order company and were unemployed at the same time then I would have to assume you had nothing better to do with your time except attend a mail order/on-line school. My suggestion is check into whats available in the "real-time" world and get a degree you can be proud of and not just a peice of paper showing you spent most of your time playing on a computer when you could have been a productive citizen." - I couldn't agree with you more, and this was one of the points I was trying to get across in my original post!!! Thanks for your comment here as I think this is great advice. If you are not working and have the time to attend a traditional school, then like Samantha states, you should be attending a traditional school.

    Amen: I was a little confused by your post. I think we are agreeing with each other, but wasn't sure by the "Real College" reference you make. I view UOP as a 'real college', so I'm confused to the reference you are making here. I only differentiate between "online" environment and "traditional" environment to clarify what I'm talking about. But it sounds like we are on the same page when you state: "Many respected Universities and Community Colleges are now offering online classes, and over 80% of Universities and Colleges accept transfer credits from U.O.P, Devry, and other online Universities and Colleges ( I doubt they would accept transfer credits from fake colleges)". Exactly!!!

    As far as ShonniT is concerned, I'd also like a little more info here. Please respond to Amen's post so we can perhaps offer our insight to your unfortunate situation.


  • Wi
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    After reading again, I think you confused me with "Jon" when you make this reference: "I agree you with you to an extent, but I also run my own company and have realized that UOP Graduates are more hard working than many students who have graduated from a trditional College. I also realized your using the term 'Real College" which shows your only conceded and on the attack aswell."

    Jon made the "Real college" refence, not me.

    I think your post was meant to be directed at him.


  • Am
      3rd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hello Willy,

    I agree with pretty much everything you said. I apologize for confusing you with Jon.


  • Dr
      25th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    UoP wows me!

  • Li
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    Willy: before you post your pompous fluff, perhaps you should return to a basic English course and learn to spell. You can look down your nose at a struggling, low-income person trying to better herself because YOU ALREADY HAVE A JOB. Big deal, so does the kid flipping burgers across the street. You assume that because you are already employed, your degree "doesn't matter." So why was it necessary if you had the job in the bag? What a miserable snob you must be, and a joy for your underlings if there are such in your organization.

    As a current UoP student, I agree that this school does nothing but host blogging with a moderator. I was screwed over within my first five weeks when I discovered that my 'facilitator' was a nearly illiterate student himself. The instructional material is a mess of grammar and spelling errors. If this is the standard by which a university student is measured, the very first "READ ME" should tell you it is by the learning disabled for the gullible. I'm only completing the course because my company paid for it.

  • Sw
      11th of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes

    My goodness this sounds so disheartning, is there nothing good about this online school. And if it is all this bad then why would they still be in business and able to provide financial aid.
    Is there not one good example for this school, if not then please tell me who is good. There are plenty of online schools but no one to monitor them for honesty and reliability.
    My company is a hugh corporation across this country and they had them come in and do a presentation and now after reading this I am wondering if I should email them this to read.

  • Je
      10th of Nov, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I am a student at UOP. I have many issues with this school. Between professors that dont respond, speak english, or grade improperly, as well as a math tool, ALEKS program that was broken at the time I took my class (and failed) it has been a big pain in the ###. But, due to other universities not transferring the credits I have earned at UOP I can not transfer.

    The math class grade I disputed, but they found against me, saying that technical issues do not count in the disputes. I disagree, they require us to use the tool, is a major part of our grade and it did not work as it was intended to, I have since retaken the class (passed this time) this time the tool worked properly. I disagree with having to pay $14400.00 for the class I failed, due to their required tool not working the first time.

    Jennie S
    Palmyra Maine

  • Na
      31st of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    You guys are a bunch of idiots. It’s not the schools fault you could not hack and keep up with your course material. UOP is not for everyone. Go back to your brick and mortar school and stop [censor]ing. The course work is much harder than a traditional state university. Most of the students at brick and mortar schools can’t write or speak well anyway. Thanks.

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