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University Of Phoenix / Axia Online / class action lawsuit

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We are doing a Class Action Law Suit against University of Phoenix/Axia Online

We are looking for those who were lied to at Enrollment. Basically told they did not have a loan, yet finding out later they did.

If you were told at enrollment, while going over the process that you did not have a loan, that it was just formality and not to worry, you don't have to pay anything. Yet, 6months before you graduate, you found out you had a loan. Please contact us. We still need a few more victims

ONLY people with this specific issue, please contact our attorney:
Patrick G. Warner
Warner Law Office
Telephone: (614) 226.4077

And those idiots that post just to argue and act like dumb ###, I don't give a ### what you say or think, go do something else with all your free time.

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  • Co
      25th of Jun, 2009
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    What was the reason you avoided a normal college? Your english is sub-par as well...Nice legal announcement with all the profanity. The real victims were the high school teachers who tried to teach you math and grammar. Now you are trying to do it all for real at an unreal school. Unreal.

  • Ar
      26th of Jun, 2009
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    @cookie monster- I find your remarks facetious. I guess you can't read or you found it a little arduous to comprehend the fact that I specifically wrote:
    And those idiots that post just to argue and act like dumb ###, I don't give a ### what you say or think, go do something else with all your free time.

    And it had nothing to do with Math & Grammar, so maybe "you" should be the one that needs to go to school. Stop taking all those drugs and maybe you could actually learn something. You use one word that you obviously had to look up, and have the nerve to say I have subpar English? "lol...Unreal "what ever!"

    You don't have a clue, so take your ungainly, uneducated ### ### outta here.

  • Co
      26th of Jun, 2009
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    Your the one mixed up with so called University, not me. It was your performance (our lack thereof) in high school that left that place as your last hope.

  • Ro
      30th of Jul, 2009
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    What exactly is the lawsuit? I have had a terrible experience with UOP as they told me when I had started my last class that the class and the one before it had not been included in my student loans, which I did not know. This left me with a bill of over $2, 000 that I do not have the money to pay (that is why I had a loan!). The counselors did not tell me this and now they will not send me my diploma, which I earned, or release my transcripts.

  • Jo
      26th of Sep, 2009
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    I my self took out a student loan, yet this school dropped me after only two semesters claiming I did not respond to class mates enough even though all my assigments were completed. Now they are charging me over 2, 000 dollars in finacial aid. What if any actions can I take

  • De
      18th of Nov, 2009
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    I can really relate to the posting regarding cutting off the financial aid as promised. I was horribly disabled, on an ADA plan. I was very careful to make sure that I did NOT get in to a mess, andyet, just as noted by JoLynne, I was cut off after finishing all my core classes, and incurring almost $70, 000 in student loans.

    I fought it out once, they backed down when I went to their lawyers, we still have a dispute over more than $15, 000 of loans on my financial aid bill, but not accounted in my statements as found out by an accountant who did my taxes as a favor because I volunteer in a program where his Mother is a cancer patient. He said, the numbers do not add up.

    In my last class, after I had borrowed $2, 179 to pay cash, they said, oh, we just remembered, you have $6, 800 something left over and you can have loans. I am ADA and have to have an editor. I paid back my friend, and got a cashier check for the next class, which I hoped to be my last, and paid an editor. I still have enough to pay a professional editing company, and all of sudden they say that I did not have a waiver and my time ended on Aug 22, 2009. I had a waiver from the Dean since more than a year of my time out had to do with their financial aid fiascos.

    Then they said, oh, it is because you did not get a waiver for waiting to register.

    Now their third story is: it is because you did not get credit for the class.

    The Department of Education sent me to this site and gave me a phone number for the lawyer that is handling a class action.

    When our President is asking us to get educations, and putting tax payer dollars out to help that happen to salvage our country, it is sickening for any company to defraud the students, the taxpayers and something has to be done.

    I have considered a small claims law suit against the owner of the company for just the losses on this last class to force this man to come in and explain face to face why he would allow his company to defraud an ADA student who volunteers to help reduce violence and gangs in our city streets.

    I have been advised, along the way, to complete the paper, get it professionally edited and if they will not properly pass it as an ADA brain injured student should have done, and support for, to take the matter to court.

    I did not have to go to this school, and since have found a school that has said they are willing to work with me and see if they can salvage more than their usual 15 allowable units for transfer, so they can work out a graduation plan. But even so, I am looking at another 2 years in school and at least another $12, 000, which I was told by some of the government departments I called to do, then sue.

    I am disabled, on full Social Security for a measley $800 after my insurance riders for high risk, and volunteer in communities, schools and gang abatement projects. I am very disappointed in UOPHX.

  • Al
      29th of Nov, 2009
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    I agree this school did the exact same thing to me dropped me after 13, 000 worth of loan debt. Never sent me the rest of my financial aid.

  • Tn
      1st of Dec, 2009
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    I am single mother of 3 and UOP called me out of the blue after my ex-husband left us and asked me if I was interested in going to college and I said yes because I need to do something to make money for my kids, because I had been a stay at home mom for 15 yrs. I went and signed up and was told that I wouldn't have to pay anything that everything was taken care of. I asked before the beginning of every class and I was told that I had grants and financial aid and everything was paid for and that I would owe nothing. I had been going for 15 mo. and back in June I told my enrollment counselor that I wanted to maybe quit going there because I was getting upset at how they handle things. Then I was told that I owe $13, 000. I told her how she had told me that I wouldn't owe anything back each time and she said well, it is your word against mine. I just got the payment book in the mail and I am suppose to start paying it back this month. There is no way that I can pay this. I don't even have a job except for substituting. I also have health problems now which a lot is from the stress. I need a good lawyer. Could someone please steer me in the right direction.

  • I0
      2nd of Dec, 2009
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    I was also told not to worry all of my classes would be taken care of. After the fact, I was told everyone gets student loans. The biggest problem I have with UOP is they are holding my transcript hostage. UOP claims I took a class twice when I didn't. They're trying to force me to pay them $3151.00. I would like to be involved in the class action lawsuit. Thanks

  • Je
      15th of Dec, 2009
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    I am VERY Interested in going forward with this!!! Please contact me ASAP...Boy do I have A case for you! I have been researching Class Action Law Suits against University of Phoenix/Axia Online for a couple years now & this is the first time I have come across an attorney trying to gather information for EXACTLY MY case!!

    I applied about 3 years ago or so by simply filling some information requests out online and within hours of doing so I actually got a phone call from a UOPX representative. I immediately told this individual that I would NOT be able to pay ANYTHING out of pocket...I am a young single mother whom is recently out of work & living back at home & therefore taking advantage of my situation and am wanting to go back to school. They took down some information & said that I have nothing to worry about that Pell Grant would pay for it ALL & so of course I signed up for a general studies Associates degree. Like the whole 2 years, the application process and FAFSA apllications had to be rushed, they said in order for me to get in the program that same month rather than months from now I had to get right on the paperwork the same to next day. I should have figured it out then that something just wasn't right.

    Well, to make a LONG story short, after getting a million different counselors mind you & only having 4 classes left, I started recieving letters in the form of a bill of around $2, 000. After getting a hold/AKA tracking down ANOTHER "new" counselor & someone higher up then them as well, I am eventually told I have nothing to worry about, it's just a procedure they use...take it as the bills you get after going to the doctor that say "this is not a bill."

    Well, I believed them, but I kept recieving the letters until finally one of my counselors gets a hold of me, through email mind you, saying I need to fill out for a "NEW" MPN (whatever the even means) & an attached link tod all these lenders with a bunch of numbers and such that I did not understand and had never seen before (which I woul have right if I had previously signed up for lender services?!). I immediately called my dad into the room for him to look at it & basically I ended up just sitting on this information for a few days until my counselor called me back (WOW, I know) a few days later asking if I had recieved her email. I immediately told her I was confused for I never signed a first prommisory note for I never agreed or was told for that matter that a loan was necessary. I told her to show me the promissory note & ok, but she could not do this a told me she would talk with her supervisor & they would get a hold of me to sort it al out, which no one ever did. Well, days later I started recieving bills for over $30, 000!!! I immediately called and emailed everyone I had in my contact information, needless to say I got nowhere. So, with only having 2 classes left to complete my degree I am now being told that unless I sign up for a "new mpn" I cannot finish my last two classes & recieve my degree, which of course is INSANE because then I would be agreeing to the now $40, 000+ from all the other classes too (which I got a hold of the UOPX ppl about because the amount of $$ did not add up with the tuition rates, etc.--(they noticed this as well & thought "wierd, " but never did fix).

    So, here I am today with these bills, one of which is getting ready to go into default & I am still wanting to go back to school, but I can't...& because I live in a small town in Michigan I can't seem to find a job & I HAVE to get a job in town because my car broke down & local work is my only choice. Money is tight because my dad lost his job (Circuit City) & my son's father keeps getting laid off & YEAH! I mean, I never even recieved my Pell Grant money Oof like $4500+ for the second year I attended UOPX!!! What is up with that?!-I could use that money right now!!

    Well, I should probably stop my letter here...I have no long distance so I will write you an email right after I post this too...I hope you can help me!

    I Have TONS Of Paperwork That I Prinited Out Before They Wouldn't Allow Me Back In The System 2! There Is Some GOOD Stuff :) Hope To Hear From You Soon!

  • Be
      21st of Dec, 2009
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    I would like to be part of this group...I was told today that I can not continue my eduction until I pay $1, 256.19 which has gone to a collection agency. I have no notifications regarding the collection. I had several consolers and when a professor would not assist me due to the Math program not working properly on my system and Tech Support staying they could not help. I was told I could fax in my school work, which she was giving me Zero’s on. Well, long story short I filed a complaint against her and soon after had continual problems, they stated I was on academic probation, and I still owe them money.

    What is going on? It was sister just pasted away and I wanted to continue my education. Family always comes first. Well, today I decided to move forward and I’m still being haunted by this professor who was grocery shopping during her office hours, yelling at me on the phone, having her daughter answer the phone during office hours, and not allowing me the achieve what we all are working so hard for…to get our education!

    I am in the process of reseraching old emails and documentation I might have regrading this matter. I was told to contact one of the manager's but he is out of the office until Jan. 4, 2010. So I called today and left a message with him and another person.

  • Be
      21st of Dec, 2009
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    And yes...I was told that I just needed to sign as part of my packet. It was not a great time for or my family and this made it worse.

  • Ri
      29th of Dec, 2009
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    I was an at home day care provider making $200 a week, just had my 3rd baby. I was clear with telling them that I could not commit into a long process because of finances. I agreed to take a single class because they said I would have a grant and I could use this as a way to see if I could manage going back to school. My son became ill and I withdrew. 5 years later I found EdFund/California Student Aid had placed a bad debt in my name. So far 9 months of fighting and research I found that UoP signed me up for some Criminal Justic Program without my knowledge and I have the list from the UoP showing that I didn't complete the Federal Student Aid forms...yet they are giving out some forms that I supposedly electronically signed stating I agreed to some loan. They also stated on their that I was a medical collections agent and lied in so many ways. These forms they have show that they were placed in their system in 2005...a year after I withdrew. As a result, my credit score dropped 80 points!!! And I am about to lose my house that I have already placed 5% non-refundable down. Someone needs to help the masses of people lied to and deceived by UoP!!!

  • Jr
      21st of Jan, 2010
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    I agree with you all the UOP is a rip off. I went for 18 months and without my knowledge they changed my degree program. Then I made the mistake of telling a conselor I might continue with my Bachelors degree but she did not inform me they cut over four courses for the degree in medical records that I was working towards. Then my counselors told me I had to change my lender and when I did this I could not complete the change without signing a promissary note for another loan. After I deceided to withdraw two counselors called (Tagteam) trying to tell me I did not sign up for medical records, which I have the enrollment form and I do know what I wanted to go to school for. Then they said I could take two medical records classes but I still would not of received a degree in this field.I ended up withdrawing and the UOP are still trying to contact me 9 calls in two days, and still calling. I contacted student aid which they could not do anything, I contacted the Department of Education but of course have not heard back, wrote FTC since I feel UOP was taking federal money and falsifying courses. I still do not know if the program was transferable to my state I have not heard back. I also am interested in a class action lawsuit. It took me enough to go back to school at 50 years after breaking my wrist so I could find decent employment. I am so dissappointed in the educational system.

  • Tr
      1st of Mar, 2010
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    I am one of

  • St
      4th of May, 2010
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    I dont understand what you guys are saying about signing a new MPN? What does this have to do with anything, i just did that not to long ago and i am reading all of this and wondering what is wrong with it? Was it bad?

    I have been attending the UoP for awhile, i just graduated with my Associates in Elem Ed and working towards a BA, i have just switched my major though, i have never had a problem. Is this something you guys have had happened when you get close to finishing your degree

    I would like more information if you have any specifics about the MPN

    My email is

  • Ax
      24th of Jun, 2010
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  • Sh
      31st of Jul, 2010
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    I agree that, when filling out all of the details for the FASFA and financial aid, the counselors seem to only be thinking about their commissions and getting referals. I am currently taking the computer programming course. I was told that the classes I was signing up for would take approx. 21 months to complete and i would receive my degree. So for 21 months of classes I was told I was only going to owe $8800. Next thing I know, tuition prices raise an astonishing 65 dollars per college credit. This had raised my financial aid to around $9500. This was not the price that I had originally agreed to. Anyway, the part that made me mad was when my Academic Advisor called me and informed me that I have to file for the financial aide and the FASFA, Pell grant, and all that mumbo jumbo because the academic year was up. I am on my last set of classes for the supposed academic year. I cannot afford another $9500 loan given the fact that my wife and I had our first child 3 months ago and are still paying the hospital bill. Overall, this was not discussed betwen my counselor and I and I feel that I have just wasted $9500 and have nothing to show for it. I was told that this was the best choice that I would ever make in my life concerning the ability to support my growing family via Associate Degree. Honestly, I would have never signed up for any of this, if I knew how much it would cost and I think the University of Pheonix/AXIA knew that. My cousin and I had signed up at the same time and he is going through the same thing so he is interested in a class action lawsuit as well.

  • Jr
      6th of Aug, 2010
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    On CSPAN they are having hearings agains fraud and University of Phoenix, Westwood and some other Colleges are being investigated. I was surprised because I wrote to FTC, BBB, Attorney Generals of Montana, and Arizona. Department of Education, Senators, College accredidation office, Student Aid office, Senators, Secretary of EducationArizona Department of Education. And I was told there was nothing they could do because it was regarding the curriculum., Even though my advisor did not put me in the right course. I even have the original enrollment forms. I would have graduated this May but I wasn't going to pay another $7000 for classes I should have had in the first place, plus I would have had to go to another school to get certified for medical records. And I was told the course would be appx 13, 000. WHen I withdrew I was at 20, 000 plus interest. I think these places should not receive any loan money until the student receives the degree and a quality education to find employment. Everytime I see a UOP advertisement I feel like crying and get so angry that they can get away with this. I wa stold with the degree I could open my own business and make 63, 00 a year. Since I have been out of school for over 30 years I think I am paying $20, 000 for a High School Education. And all the government officials must have received a nice donation for this campaign year. Now I am out of work with student loans to pay and stuck in the same town that I was trying to get out of, which I thought a degree would help.

  • Ro
      12th of Sep, 2010
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    I signed up last July based on the enrollment counselor saying that I would get both Pell grants because I had no income and students loans. I have the loans, but no grant. 3 weeks ago, my financial aid counselor told me I would be getting the max pell grant and yesterday I get a letter stating that my student loans were canceled with no definitive reason; they gave me 2 possible scenarios which are far apart from each other.

    They lie to you, omit pertinent information, and when you call them on it, they get extremely rude and nasty with you.

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