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United Bank Lmited / Customer Service Failure

1 Pakistan
Contact information:

Background Info: I had a credit card as well as a BTF / Cashline account with UBL before all this started.

Complaint No. [protected], dated 20th Jan 2010: My cheque to UBL for my monthly credit card bill clears successfully but UBL doesn't show the receipt on my credit card and ends up placing a hefty fine for late payment. Not to mention, all those fancy phone calls and SMSs warming me to pay my dues. When trying to file a complaint on a missing cheque, UBL interrogates the customer with "what time of day did you place the cheque in our dropbox, what branch, date, la la la". Routinely, their customer service closes down complaints without informing the customer and with beautifully stupid reasons like "We called your landline, you didnt answer, we closed the request". Wow.

Complaint No [protected], dated 3rd Feb 2010: I obtain a copy of my original cheque from my main bank account as proof that the payment was already sent to UBL. I call their jolly helpline and they ask me to fax the proof over. So far so good. I fax the proof with a covering letter and wait patiently for a week and then call the helpline to check on the status. Turns out the fax was never received. Grrr!
So I fax again... and again...till on the 10th attempt I finally yell at the girl on the helpline to go check the infernal fax machine. Long wait... oh yes, we now have your fax, check back in 1 week. Lovely.
One more week passes. With a deep sense of foreboding I call the UBL helplessline again and ... no point for guessing - the complaint was closed because they called me on my cell at night and I didnt pick up... so they closed this complaint as well. Amazing.

Complaint [protected], dated 20th Feb 2010: To complain about closing my previous complaints without solving them, this new complaint is pending with UBL... unless its been closed behind my back again.

A small note for those thinking that this a one off mistake from UBL; these guys thrive on fleecing their customers.

Complaint [protected], dated 5th Dec 2009:
These guys routinely loose cheques from their customers and fine them for it. They even once managed to put both my Cashline and credit card payments into my credit card account and "logically" fined me for not paying my Cashline dues. So sweet! Best of all, they have done this before to me and even tell you that this happens to most UBL customers, when you call to complain on the helpline.

Complaint [protected], dated 7th Dec 2009: Once upon a bad day, I asked UBL to increase the limit. This request turned into a complaint when, for limit increase, UBL refused to call on my new cell number and kept on harassing my wife who had my old cell number known to UBL. I went ahead and updated the jolly cell number. You guessed it! The limit increase request had been closed/denied by this time. And no, UBL does not re-open complaints. So now the lady on the helpline sweetly told me to go about collecting all three pay slips again from my employer, go to my main bank for collecting my bank statement and then write another sorry letter to UBL for limit increase. No thanks!

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