United Airlines / Lack of customer service and charged $200

Houston, United States

Long post:
I called #united #airlines #unitedairlines before Jorge arrived for the holidays. We wanted to pick him up in Houston (his connecting flight) instead of Okc since we decided to go to the beach. I wanted to make sure there would not be any fees for not making the connecting flight. I spoke to the customer service department and they assured me that as long as I go to the ticket counter and let them know he won't be connecting, there would not be a fee for flight change.
When he arrived in Houston we went directly to the ticket counter and told them what we were told. They insisted they would have to cancel his return flight home because he was breaking his flight agreement and I would have to buy a new ticket for him to return home.
I asked to speak to the supervisor. She accused me (in front of a large crowd of holiday travelers) of scamming #united. I was mortified and in tears. She said that she wouldn't cancel the flight home but insisted that I pay $200 to avoid the flight being cancelled. I had no choice.
I called customer service again when I left. This time they said they don't take complaints on the phone. Convenient. I had to go through the process online. I waited 2 weeks for a response to be told I wouldn't receive a refund of my $200. This is still ongoing. Now I turn to social media. I might even have some shirts printed for my next trip to the airport.

Jan 12, 2015

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