United Airlines Customer Service / customer service dept. and united's website

Tampa, FL, United States

After carefully examining united's website choices with clear details listed, I chose my flight itinerary.
After paying, I then receive itinerary confirmation with important detail different from what was clearly listed on website.
Immediately, I tried bringing it to their attention. (Even sending, sending & resending pictures of the 2 seperate pages with the difference) I wanted an explanation and/or resolution. (Via email)
Customer service dumped me off to "tech support". Eventually I called, still received neither. Was told they didnt receive any attachments ; later... That they could not open it.
Either way, never dealt with the discrepancy! Just tried to make it seem I "mis-read" the 2 seperate pages. (When I clearly did not!) fortunately, I took 2 pics of my selections before purchasing. I had 2 pics of proof!
Never once did they take my complaint seriously, & at least try to understand what I saw/chose on their own website! It was not "customer service".
This company is running a very 'poor track record' when it comes to dealing with customers!
I am really regretting being a long-time flyer with united!

Jun 11, 2017

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