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Incheon International Airport - Health Screening

Having travelled around France and UK for one week - never have I felt more unsafe than the health screening process at Incheon Airport last night - it is outright dangerous how the process is managed with hundreds of people bunched together to complete the various steps.

It would not surprise me to learn that Incheon airport arrivals is one of the main causes of COVID entering Korea - it was shocking just how dangerous the way it is handled was - something MUST be done to protect people from catching COVID at the airport from your procedures !!

It is the most risk I have EVER been exposed to in 18 months of living with COVID and I was disgusted with everyone pretending to be "checking"

If I catch COVID from this mis-management I will take action against the Korean Government

Desired outcome: Change in the process

Incheon International Airport - airport staffs are rude

My mother had a connecting flight to Da Nang, Vietnam. She only speaks basic English. She was only given one ticket for her first flight and was told to go to terminal 2 after she lands in South...

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Incheon International Airport - rude staff talking about us, obviously

Stopped at Incheon with my son and the staff was VERY obviously talking about us in Korean and chuckling as we passed security. This is rude Asian behavior (I grew up in another Asian country, and this is something I see Asians do quite a bit) and in 2020 should no longer exist. Retrain your staff and end what we Asians have become infamous for. I'm literally embarrassed to be Asian when I see other Asians behave this way. Disgusting.

Incheon International Airport - dr jart + brightening mask

My husband was in Korea for work, I have asked him to purchased Dr Jart + BRIGHTENING SOLUTION MASK. When he got home I was checking the Mask and receipt and realised that he had made a purchased for 3 packs at $57 but he was only given 2 pack instead. he paid in total korean won of 67, 450

DATE/ TIME: [protected].55
BILL NO : [protected] [F:0000]
DEPARTURE : [protected].55
CORNER : 681 / C5-64



ROSALIND KEASBERRY : +65 [protected]





Incheon International Airport - my suitcase was opened and staff was missing

I flew on flight TW121 on 19 August, 2019, seat 20A. After checking in my bag I was told to wait for five minutes because my bag has to be checked. I had an ordinary plastic bag inside the suitcase with various banknotes from the countries I visited along my trip, which I forgot to take out of the suitcase. Additionally, there was plenty of various coins. When I opend my suitcase, I realized that banknotes were missing. The missing amount is approx. 50 euros, a few thousend Serbian dinars ( the value is a few dollars), and a hundred Croatia kunas. All in all, the amount of money is insignificant. However, the fact that it has been taken is significant. To end up with a funny thing, UAE dirhams in small denomination have not been taken and they are worth more than 28 times than dinars.
Finally, I am aware that I should not have put valuables in my checked luggage and that the fact that I forgot to take the money out of the suitcase is not a valid excuse. However, the fact that things were missing after my bag was opened is inexcusable.

Incheon International Airport - defective product purchased at airport

Hello. First off trying to get a customer service rep is next to impossible and needs to be easier than it is. I have gone to several sites and can't get an email to contact anyone. I purchased a...

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Incheon International Airport - agent from malaysia come korea for illegal work and lie worker

I from malaysia come to korea past year 2018, come for work follow this agent.. this agent from malaysia also, big lie take all us money but no work when we at korea.. she bring us go to Hajodo...

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Incheon International Airport - immigration staff

My name is Su Myat Mo. I am a cabin crew from Vietjet airlines from Vietnam. Terminal 1, On 1/1/19( around 1 am), We have flight ICN- PQC. Normally we used to pass through at priority lanes which i...

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Incheon International Airport - about fake official passport using by bangladeshi

My name ajay from bangladesh and im giving you information about a bangladeshi name md. Shahidul islam he use to bring banladeshi people using fake official passport by changing passport cover only none of them are official he use to bring through different airport some time from shanghai and some time from indonesia they are using fake official passport to enter and work there each person is paying him 15 thousand dollars. Please stope all this illigal works and he is destroying the korean law as well. You can check if the passport is original or fake by the passport no. Official should be start with o serial not any others. Thanks for your kind. Ajay


Incheon International Airport - unclear instructions at check in counter. staffs do not speak english

We purchased a huge suitcase and some other bulky duty free items at duty free shop and we picked them up after immigration. We go to Incheon airport every month and as usual we put the bulky stuff...

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Incheon International Airport - check in procedure & unsatisfactory customer service

There was insufficient public education about items that are restricted on board a plane. i had a 3kg weight in my carry on baggage which was taken away in the premise that it has the potential to harm someone on board. I am disappointed that there were no clear information that states that ‘heavy' items are prohibited on board & i don't see how a weight has the ability to harm someone. This has caused great inconvenience for me & i am disappointed to be met with a less than patient service staff who showed annoyance because he couldn't understand English & is unable to converse in an international language fluent enough to make this whole process easier. I hope that Incheon airport can work on this to prevent similar disappointing events from happening & get back to me asap.

an angry passenger

Incheon International Airport - customs staff attitude

The customs staff rudely open my hand carry bag and told me I have two boxes of face cream over 100ml and cannot pass through. I said throw them away but the customs lady staff quickly took them and walked away. It seems like they were happy having a free gift... Their attitude was very bad. I couldn't find any rubbish bin at the customs checking point!

Update by Karen Tam
Aug 03, 2018

I was taking CX419 flying back from Incheon Airport back to HK on 3 Aug 18. During customs checking I was told that my hand carry bag had 2 boxes of face cream which are over 100ml. I admitted that i had overlooked this issue and i agreed to throw them away. I supposed there was a rubbish bin nearby for me to throw them away, but instead, a customs lady staff suddenly appeared and quickly took away the boxes of cream and then walked away! This was bad! I guessed this would be a free gift to her! Afterthat, the male customs staff who checked my passport was so annoying and angry! I can't imagine how come such kind of behaviour happened in this airport. Can we the visitors be treated so impolitely because we are leaving? I request your airport to investigate the issues!

Incheon International Airport - samsung television in terminal 1 first floor

The television is so loud, it doesn't only affect people who want to take some rest, it's really disturbing and noisy. No one actually watched it, the only reason for the existence of the Samsung TV is to annoy people and waste electricity. I think the television can be turned on during the day but definitely not at midnight! When there's lack of resting facility (e.g. chair) a suitable environment should be provided, at least it should be a quiet place.

Incheon International Airport - bag opened without informing me and missing medication.

I flew with China Eastern Airways flight number MU580 on Friday the 20th of July 2018. My seat number was 37B. The flight was on its way to NKG the serial number was 135. I had checked my baggage in and was asked to wait for 5 minutes before leaving in case there was a problem with my baggage. I waited 15 minutes before leaving and nobody had called me to do a baggage inspection, i then left to board at gate 130. Upon arrival in NKG my baggage has been broken which the NKG baggage service then provides me with another bag. However the lock on my bag had also been broken but the zip lock manufactured with the bag was still locked so I did not worry about the additional lock as it could have been broken if bumped against something. Once I arrived back home I unpacked my bag and noticed that medication is missing from my bag. I need this medication back as it has to be taken everyday. Please advise as soon as possible.

Email: [protected]
Number: +[protected]

Incheon International Airport - duty free liquor & tobacco shop terminal 2

The sales clerks at the ICN Terminal2 duty free liquor and tobacco shop did not know that they must place purchased liquor in a sealed "duty free" plastic bag. It is necessary to place purchased liquor in such a sealed bag in order to carry the liquor as carry-on baggage after arriving at DTW to continue to transfer to fly from DTW to CAK. The DTW security personnel inspected by carry-on bag and explained the problem, but they required that I check in my carry-on bag with the liquor in it as checked-in luggage because I could not carry it onto my transit flight because the liquor was not in a sealed "duty free" plastic bag.

Incheon International Airport - customer service

good morning. this is my first trip to korea. being how it is i was excited as per usual about visiting your country. however, i was unpleasantly surprised by the attitude of the people manning the information counter and the ticketing counter to purchase my tickets. both the ladies looked harassed when i asked them for more clarification and the one in the bus ticketing had the nerve to try to shoo me away when i was getting clarification. i guess she was annoyed by the fact that she couldn't understand or speak english that well. in that case don't work there or find someone else to help explain to me. simple common sense. such a contrast to japan which i have made multiple visits and never once treated such. FYI i am a paying customer and did not get anything got free. very disappointing indeed

Dr Zainura MD FRCR
Ministry of Health

Incheon International Airport - very rude and aggressive salesman at 正官庄 duty free store in t1 near gate 27

I have had a terrible experience at Inchon airport. This was my first trip with the family to Seoul and all I can say is that there is NO customer service in Seoul and at the airport whatsoever. We have had many bad experiences at many shops during our trip, however this incident was particularly bad! I went to this famous ginseng store (正官庄) near Gate 27 with the intention to make some purchase, while I already picked out one case of ginseng to buy and looking for other products to buy, I touched a bottle which was put out on displayed, I didn't realize it was not a sample, the sales man quick shouted at me and turn around asked his female colleague to tell me in Eng that " I must pay for it". I tried to explain I didn't open the bottle, he was having none of it, instead he lean his face forward me and gave me a very unpleasant and angry look, I was so shocked by his uncivilised behaviour, I tried to dispute with him in a calm manner, yet he refused to communicate with me but kept on giving me a "dirty" look! I couldn't believe someone could behave in such a way towards to their potential customer in this so called international best airport. In the end I paid for the bottle that I didn't know what it does, i refuse to make any more purchase, while I am not bothered about the money as it was only $8 for a bottle. Unfortunately, I was to angry and shocked that I didn't asked for his hand, as I just wanted to get out of Seoul, but this experience had really tinted my impression on South Korea, and I will certainly not make any more purchase from this ginseng company and I will think twice before I make any plans to visit Inchon agin in the future.

Incheon International Airport - information desk on the 3rd floor

Good day

Yesterday 26 April I was looking for help finding a simcard to use until Im settled back into Korea. On the 2nd floor a staff member at a simcard-wifi desk sent me to the third floor to find out where I can get a rechargeable simcard. I know this is departures but I just followed the instruction. When I got to the information desk. The woman working there was very rude and unprofessional. I asked if there is any Simcard phone services on this floor and she said 'why would there be a mobile service on this floor, can you show me where on this floor there could be such a place' I was shocked at here response. I told her that I was sent to the third floor. She then aggressively demanded to know the name of the person who sent me to the third floor. I couldn't even remember the name of the phone company let alone the persons personal name. She was at the information help desk out the elevator on 3rd floor. She needs to change her attitude and behave professionally.

Incheon International Airport - opening of bags and content in bags without permission, and also missing item

Hi to whom it may concern.

I would like to make an official complaint.
My wife and my luggage in transit on flight EK 322 Emirates flight from Dubai on the 18-19th of February were opened and some of the content as well. Furthermore, a belt is missing.

Some of the Herbs and spices bottles had been opened. Also a bottle of CK perfume. The herbs cannot be used and the bottle of CK (large) is now basically empty.

It is hard to determine whether the airport in Incheon or Dubai is responsible, however, someone should be made aware and held accountable for this incident.

I would like to know what the Airport response to a situation like this in terms of the customer and or the employee/s who are potentially responsible for this.

I appreciate your immediate attention to this matter

Arie Vellema
Email: [protected]
Phone +[protected]

Incheon International Airport - shuttle train

On 18 Feb 2018 at 19:30, i and my child take the shuttle train from entrance near gate 27 to gate 101-118, but unfortunately we can not return when we arrived in the area of gate 101-118 as the train is only one way direction, then i ask the customer service centre in concourse, two staff are very good attitude and helpful to solve this trouble with unreasonable airport rule.

the staff name is Cho Daegeun, and other one lady staff seat in the middle chair in the counter.

actually, i don't know why no any highlight message to show in the entrance when i take the train OR no airport staff to remind passager in the entrance.

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