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I don't know what is up with United Airline's delivery service for delayed baggage, but it is really strange and substandard.

My family and I flew back from Paris and had a two hour layover in Chicago (our entry point into the US) on our way to our final destination of SFO. Two hours would have been fine, except UA couldn't get the cargo doors open, so it took one hour to collect our bags and rush through customs' long line. The net net is my family's 6 bags did not make our connecting flight to SFO.

I immediately did what I was supposed to do in SFO - I filed claims for all 6 bags at the UA baggage kiosk. I was informed in my claim form to visit the website for an update. Some update. The information never changed until right before I received my bags.

One bag took 14 hours to get our home. Five bags took 32 hours, despite UA's claim that "most bags" were delivered within 24 hours.

The strange part was the delivery people UA used. The first delivery was made by a sloppily dressed man in a beat up small truck with a shell, and apparently his little daughter and wife. The only reason I saw them was they were exiting my side yard and I ran out to ask if I could help them. They left the bag by a little used side door, despite my instructions to leave them by the front door. It would have taken me days to find the bag had I not seen these people leaving my side yard.

The next 5 bags took much longer, and I had to call UA 5 times. Each time I called I was told the bags were still in SFO but would be delivered by x:00. Each time the appointed hour arrived the bags weren't there and I had to call again. When they finally arrived, 32 hours late, they were again delivered by another random, sloppily dressed man, in a tiny beat up car (no UA signs anywhere), with a woman asleep in the front seat. I am certain that the reason our bags took so long is we have 5 of them, and UA is using random people and requiring these people use their own cars (no matter how tiny) to make the deliveries. I'm sure that these random people saw our 5 bags and told the airport personnel that they couldn't take such a large load - it would have to wait for the next person.

UA's delayed baggage delivery service is terrible, and there is something very wrong and unprofessional about it. It is as if they are asking random people to drop the bags off on their way home from traveling (perhaps UA employees who were traveling on personal trips with their families?) In trying to cut costs, they have gone too far on this one.

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      Oct 05, 2016

    Something is very criminal going on at the baggage handling. A man in Denver (in a United Airlines uniform and at the gate) told me I needed to check my carry on into Ala Cart. Reluctantly, I did and with grave consequences. When I arrived at Austin, Texas airport, 3 different people, myself included, didn't receive our carry ons' . We were instructed to go to baggage claim, which we all did.
    After much talking, the lady behind the desk came out of the office to come get me, as I was standing glaze eyed and in disbelief that United had "lost" my carry on. "Here it is, here it is"! she said. "no, ma'am, this is not my luggage. "Yes it is, yes it is, " she countered. Again, I gave a description of my luggage but she said, "we found your rental car information in the side pocket". I laid the luggage down and opened it up, revealing my things looking as they were rummaged through and NOTHING in place but clearly transferred into someone else's luggage!!!

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