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United Airlines / Scam!

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When my father passed away, I needed a bereavement flight. I had to deal with customer service in India that had no compassion. They put me on flights that would take over 12 hours of flying (3 normally) and return me on a day that did not work. I finally took some flight times and told them I had a $200 credit voucher good forever. United could not find it in there system. Then they found it but only partially. They would not honor my credit. This is hours later. I then told them to use my 67,000+ miles and just book me a flight. I figured I would get the times I needed and use the 25,000 miles.
Because it was immediate, they would have to charge me 50,000 miles.

At this time, I had hardly had any sleep as my father passed away early that morning. I told them to just do it. Guess what, my miles just expired and if I paid full price, they would reinstate my miles for future use. So United STOLE my miles and my $200 credit. I finally booked a flight on Jet Blue for less money. It was one of the best flights I had. Now they want to charge extra for baggage and they are at the bottom of reported customer service. What goes around comes around.

As far as I am concerned United Airlines can go to h%*l. They rightfully deserve it. Nobody will take responsibility after repeated calls and letters. I dare United to rebut these facts!

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  • Je
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    I used United Airlines to book a ticket from New York to San Francisco. The ticket agent had informed me that there would be $75 in taxes and fees. I agreed to that. They sent me an e-mail receipt to confirm the $75 in taxes and fees.

    When I returned to New York, I checked my mail and checked my credit card statement. United Airlines charged me $75 in taxes and fees and then they charged me $75 again. They charged me for the same thing TWICE!

    So I spoke to customer service at United Airlines 4 or 5 times. Each customer service representative said that they had committed a mistake and each customer service representative transfered me to another line, which was a dead line. Basically there was a robot answering the phone going on about nonsense and finally saying “Blah blah blah blah, press 1, blah blah blah press 2”. None of these options were remotely related at all to my situation.

    Each time I spoke to United Airlines customer service, the people said “I’m sorry sir, we made a mistake. We’ll transfer you to so and so and you can ask for a refund” and each time they sent me to a dead line with a robot answering system. Each time they threatened to transfer me to a dead phone line I specifically told them not to transfer me to a robotic answering system and that I wanted to speak to a human being to resolve this issue. They kept saying “sorry sir, we don’t handle this, I have to transfer you to so and so department” and each time they transferred me to a dead line with a generic robotic answering machine!

    Also, this is not meant to be offensive, but for some reason all the customer service representatives spoke poor English and at times I had to ask them to repeat what they were saying or had to repeat what I was saying.

    Finally I spoke to the dispute resolution department at my credit card company. The lady at my credit card company sounded very sincere and was very helpful. She looked at my statement and saw that United Airlines charged me $75 TWICE. So she called United Airlines, and 20 minutes later got through to someone (a human being, not a robot) who supposedly is the manager in charge.

    The lady from my credit card dispute department stayed on the line and the United Airlines manager (who spoke poor English) started having a conversation with me not related to the dispute I was arguing. I got straight to the point to ask him why he charged $75 TWICE.

    He said “Hmmm….Well…..(Non comprehensible language)….let me pull up your record” and after a while he said that $75 is charged in taxes and fees. I KNOW THAT, BUT WHY DID THEY CHARGE ME $75 in taxes and fees TWICE!

    Basically the guy had me on the phone forever just to tell me what I already know. I know I’m supposed to be charged $75 in taxes and fees, BUT WHY DID THEY CHARGE ME TWICE?????
    I told him that “I ALREADY KNOW THAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE CHARGED $75, BUT BACK TO MY ORIGINAL QUESTION, WHY DID YOU CHARGE ME $75 TWICE?” to which he replied in some non comprehensible nonsense. The conversation basically went on like this for a while. Finally he said “Hold on sir, let me take a look at this”. Then he finally said “Well, we charged you $75 in taxes and fees, and then we charged you $75 as a cancellation fee”…….WHEN DID I CANCEL A TICKET? WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?

    The first 4 or 5 United Airlines customer service representatives I spoke to said that they had made a mistake. But when I spoke to this manager, because the agent from the dispute department at my credit card company was on the phone line with me, suddenly the United Airlines manager frauduantly claimed that I had canceled an airline ticket.

    When I informed him that I had never canceled an airline ticket and didn’t know where these accusations where coming from, guess what he did? He said “Hold on sir, let me transfer you to so and so” and put me on hold forever.

    My credit card dispute department agent told me that she couldn’t wait anymore and that they would send me a letter of dispute.

    I am awaiting this letter of dispute from my credit card company. I hope I win this. Furthermore, I hope no one ever has to go through this. BOYCOTT UNITED AIRLINES.

  • Da
      16th of Feb, 2010
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    United sent me a coupon for 10% off my next flight. I priced a ticket with and without applying this coupon. The ticket priced with the coupon applied was raised 9.52% So the coupon was actually for .48%. That's POINT 48. Less than half a percent. I priced it twice to be sure I was seeing this correctly. What a scam!

    United Airlines, do you think we're stupid? Apparently you do think we're brainless cattle because that's how you treat us. This kind of scam only serves to insult our intelligence and piss us off. You were better off not sending this coupon at all.

    UA, you suck.

  • De
      16th of Dec, 2010
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    The same thing happened to me! But with a $50 electronic certificate discount that they sent me when I signed up for their credit card. When I looked up a flight with the coupon it was more expensive then the EXACT same flight with out the coupon. When I called customer service the person on the phone made no sense what so ever. She kept repeating the same line over and over that certain flights are not eligible for the coupon. This was total farse because this was not stated what so ever on the coupon. When I tried to explain that it was the exact same flights layovers dates and times the only difference is that i put in the coupon code for one of them, she repeated the same statement. The she acted like the situation was resolved! Like ok now u are set to buy the ticket and this really pissed me off. Then she said that she would like to know how to service was from 1-5 and I said zero. She repeated her statement again like a brainless robot because I didn't pick a number within her specified range. I said zero again. Then she said in a threatening voice would u like to talk to my supervisor. I responded in a calm voice yes please. Luckily the supervisor had a brain, found the price of the flight I was looking at and ordered the flight with my discount for me over the phone and apologized for the mistake. The United website tried get out of their $50 discount by giving me only a $14 discount!! What cheap [censor]s! and horrible customer service people!!! I'm glad I stood my ground to prove a point to the customer service rep that I had a point to what I was saying! ! I can't believe United is getting away with scamming people so bad !

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