Umpqua Bank / personal account

Not only has Umpqua expressed fault as me about an issue at their bank, but Umpqua wouldn't even let me access wires came into the account. I asked my finance manager to send 1 wire to check the account and he accidentally sent 3. Umpqua froze the account as if I had done something wrong. Umpqua didn't call or even care to hear from me. I found out by calling Umpqua. My finance manager apologized but I was like why. You mean I can't have 3 wires come into my account? The attitude I experienced at Umpqua is Umpqua will do whatever Umpqua pleases. Eventually my money had to be sent to me. Even a response to my letter was still Umpqua will do whatever. I responded with ONE MORE TIME THIS is the truth. Umpqua did me a favor by saying 13000 is too much money. I said good thing I didn't have 100000 put in you all may have had a heart attack. To this day not one apology and no recognition their procedures are disgusting. Umpqua even tried to impress upon me my clients need to note their wires to Umpqua satisfaction. I said oh now you are running other people's businesses right? I filed an FDIC complaint. Umpqua is wrong in it's actions to me as a person and account holder. So far I haven't lost any money due to their neglect, but it's time banks get fined heavily for treating people like lower class filth. How about the judge looks in on all of the facts Umpqua. Too sad when people are treated wrong there is not enough loss to go to court. I think court should be changed to principle of the matter as the most important reason then if there is financial loss. Umpqua and other banks may change their policies.

Aug 06, 2018

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