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Commerce Bank Customer Service


Commerce Bank Inc.

1000 Walnut St.
Kansas City
United States - 64106-2145

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 855 659 1656(Customer Service) 3 0
+1 800 453 2265(Account Information) 0 0
+1 800 986 2265(Online Banking And Bill Pay) 0 0
+1 844 782 7206(Mobile Banking) 1 0
+1 800 772 7283(Commerce Brokerage Services) 0 0
+1 800 641 2265(Personal Accounts & Services) 1 0
+1 800 449 9829(Personal Loans And Home Equity Lines Of Credit) 0 0
+1 866 658 9333(Personal Loan Web Payments) 0 0
+1 800 903 3210(Mortgages - New Loans) 0 0
+1 800 821 0083(Mortgages - Existing Loans) 0 0
+1 800 666 3910(Student Loans) 0 0
+1 888 373 2883(MySpending Card) 0 0
+1 800 617 7480(Debit Card) 0 0
+1 800 645 2103(Consumer Credit Card) 0 0
+1 877 605 7490(The Commerce Trust Company) 0 0
+1 866 365 9346(Small Business Checking) 0 0
+1 800 548 2663(Capital Markets) 0 0
+1 800 207 0886(Treasury Services & Commerce Connections) 0 0
+1 800 892 7104(Commercial & Corporate Cards) 0 0
+1 800 892 7100(International Services) 0 0
+1 800 828 1629(Merchant Services) 0 0

Credit Bureau Disputes
Credit Cards & Consumer Loans
PO Box 410857, Kansas City, MO 64141-0857
Deposit / Savings Accounts / Chexsystem
PO Box 419248, Mailstop: KCREC-10, Kansas City, MO 64141-6248
1st Mortgage Loans - Commerce Bank Mortgage
922 Walnut, Suite 1100, Mailstop: T811-cm3, Kansas City, MO 64106

Commerce Bank Complaints & Reviews

Commerce Bank / abuse of power in the security department

Jessica Larson1234 on Jan 27, 2019

We have been customers here for 15+ years. Soon we will be pulling our service from this bank. 3 MONTHS ago there were fraudulent charges on my bank account. As soon as we found out it was happening we called the fraud number. Then the next day when the bank was open we contacted them in...

Commerce Bank / small business online banking

Hyke on Jan 2, 2019

I am a small business account holder with Commerce Bank, and my account was closed in November of 2018 as the company is no longer operating actively. When the account was closed, I spoke with three different customer service representatives to discuss ways to close the account and ensure...

Commerce Bank / fees and surcharges

Amber Bowler on Jul 5, 2018

I have been a customer for over 30 years and my kids and I all have accounts at Commerce. I did not know that Commerce started charging $5 per month on savings accounts if no one is using the account. The point of having it for me was that I knew our money was safe. I did not think I had...

Commerce Bank / welcome to 1935

Amin Mohmed on Jun 8, 2017

Meine Frau und ich haben versucht, ein Konto zu eröffnen. Wir schrieben der Vertrag ein Konto für meine Frau zu öffnen war, aber ich weiß nicht, und sie hat mich gebeten, mehr Papiere und bereits gesendet, was sie für 4 Monate gefragt und liegen blieb. Schließlich ging ich zur Bank und...

Commerce Bank / Overdraft fees

Big Slick on Feb 9, 2017

A few days ago, I had my federal return go through (assuming past the stroke of midnight). I also had a my rent go through. When I woke up that morning to get ready for work my online account had showed that the rent check had cleared and I had a positive balance of like $50. Some...

Commerce Bank / excessive overdraft fees

Lynette Williams on Jan 5, 2011

Why is it that the banks are still chargeing overdraft fees when there is a lawsuit pending for this very same complaint. The bank even charges when you have items in dispute. Is this legal?

Commerce Bank / Bill Pay

My husband and I have been going through hell with this bank. We have had nothing but problems starting from day one. When we opened our account we were not told that there would be a 14 day hold on our money we wrote checks and the bank declined them. We have had problems transferring our...

Commerce Bank / poor awful CS


They open a checking account that can go negative under the situation that I don't know. And charge me for 25-30 d per overdraft. When I want to complaint about this, I experience the awful customer service. When I call them the woman just be in convulsions at the time of she pick up...

Commerce Bank / bad customer service

The manager at the Commerce Bank at the rainbow location is completely rude! I was charged for the overcharge fees for a withdraw, and I had $20, 000 balance at the bank at that time. Moreover that is a withdraw my wife made for $500, and she deposited the withdraw into her account at the...

Commerce Bank / Invalid NSF Fees

Recently I had a horrible experience with my bank (Commerce Bank). I have been banking with Commerce Bank since I was 16 years old. I have never once overdrawn my account. I was charged overdraft fees for a charge I did not make. On 10/17 I made a total purchase for $150 at a business. I...

Commerce Bank / Open Account

I agree, Commerce Bank is rude and does not care about the customer's time or their needs. For those of you who live in the Kansas City, MO area near the Plaza, you will know which branch I am speaking about. There are actually two branches, but I will not name the one I went to to...

Commerce Bank / Unauthorize witdraws

I was checking my checking account on August 17th 2009 and I noticed that Commerce bank withdrawed $30.00 out of my account without my authorization. I only authorized them to withdraw 30.00 for the dates of 6/24/09, 7/10/09, & 7/24/09 and I was given all my confirmation numbers on the...



I have had two instances where I was the target of scammers and the subsequent illegitimate/disputed charges to my bank debit card. When I reported this to Commerce (my bank) they did very little to assist me and seemed to favor substantiating the charges in spite of the significant...

Commerce Bank / Terrible bank


A day or two prior to Thanksgiving 2008, I went to the Demun Branch on Clayton Road and specifically ask that this account be closed. The representative remembered me from the time I had opened the account, and said no problem, he would gladly close the account. After presenting my...

Commerce Bank / Fraud and cheating


For about the 3rd time now, Commerce Bank has posted something in my Pending Transactions online, including taking the money out of my account and once that item is credited back to my account (because I have returned it), they have removed it from my Pending Transactions, but not credited...

Commerce Bank / A bunch of scam artists


The same thing happened to me. I have two gift cards, one for $200 and the other for $150 only to find that $2.50 a month was being taken out for their maintenance fees. WHAT MAINTENANCE???? I called and spoke to several supervisors and they won't refund my money. Funny, when I got...

Commerce Bank / Abetting internet fraud

I was a long-time Commerce bank customer here in Springfield, missouri. In reviewing my account status on the internet recently I noticed some "Pending Charges" which I had not authorized. (This was a Colonsmart scam where I paid $3.95 through Commerce for shipping of a "Free Trial"...

Commerce Bank / Illegal actions


I have an account with Commerce Bank and have been happy for the past year. Well, I was embarrassed greatly the other night. I went to dinner with my mom. When the bill came I took the check and gave the waiter my check card. I was so embarrassed when he came back and said it wa...

Commerce Bank / Stay away


Well, I have been a customer of Commerce Bank for the past year. The other day I got paid direct deposit which was $1040 after taxes and I also deposited another $2000 in the bank as well. I took some friends and a co-worker to lunch and my atm card was declined. I called the bank and wa...

Commerce Bank / Illegal action


I was trying to deposit 1980.00 cash deposit into bank account, after handling the cash to the teller, she claims that I give her only 1780.00, after asking her for some physical bills that I give her. She bring me different money, to prove that she is lying, I try to deposit 400.00, but...