I'm a divorcee alone no kids. Right before Christmas I made an appointment to have my hair cut, colored with three colors, and styled as a Christmas present to myself. I took a pic in of the exact style and color I wanted. I also asked how long it would take because due to health issues i cant sit in those chairs long. She said it shouldn't be over two hours long.

Almost 5 hours later I walked out with everything I had asked for NOT met at all! I had one color more of a i call strawberry blond not blond blond. I wanted some layers I got non. I wanted my hair to flip back she flipped it forward. I asked that it be rounded at the bottom that I hate hair cut into a "V" at the ends. Wanna guess that outcome? I got a V!

I explained to her that I'm being stalked and tormented by my ex husband and his cronies before she ever started. Now I know she blatantly (because of doing so many things) did everything she did on purpose. I asked for my money back they didn't want to do that but said to give them another chance then if I weren't pleased they would give it back. I decided and reset. Something came up that I couldn't make it and in the meantime I'm very concerned about going back because of the blatant actions. When I called back the girl on duty then said there was a 21 day window or some such and it had been 26 days, I said I was told of no window! This is sad that a company i "thought" to be as good as yours has done such and would hire such people!

Jan 22, 2017

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