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UKMail ought to be UKSnail. I waited in all day on 2 May for a delivery due by 2pm. When finally I got through on the "Customer services" number after 8 attempts the rather disinterested girl on the phone said she'd check to see where it was and call me right back. Of course no one called. Today I have also waited in all day. Their website was down - has been out of action for most of the day but when I did get onto it first thing, my package had no narrative on the tracker. After spending 5 hours today trying to get hold of someone - phone rings, eventually is answered and then immediately disconnected, I finally spoke to someone who told me they couldn't do anything because their computer system is down. I've given up 2 days paid work to await this delivery, for nothing. I asked for a complaints form and was told - they don't have one! I need to go back to the person who commissioned the delivery in the first place! What an utter shambles this company is. I can't believe they are still in business!

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  • Da
      8th of Jun, 2012

    I can agree with the above. i waited in all day yesterday and was told it would arrive by 6pm, never did. then i have also waited today and no show. a shambles and i cannot get through to anyone in the company today. i see no phone number on the web site. wasted hours of waiting about which is no fun.
    i would not recommend this company!

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  • Sa
      11th of Jun, 2014

    Non delivery and No customer service

    UK mail must be the worst parcel delivery firm in the UK. My delivery was due yesterday, I was told to wait at home all day till 7pm (apparently they close at 8pm) which I did, no delivery.

    No one rang to apologise or update me.

    I called their contact us number today, it rings and rings and doesn't get picked up. I have called over 10 times today !

    In all my years of receiving parcels I have not come across a worse firm, no customer service whatsoever.

    Do not use.

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  • Ca
      11th of Nov, 2014
    Ukmail - Delivery
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom

    The most appalling customer service I have ever had, rude staff and shocking attitude to customers.
    We had arranged for UKMail to deliver 16 flat computer screens to our office situated on the 8th floor. The driver point blank refused to deliver the parcels to our floor and said he is only willing to deliver outside the building although it’s a landlord building and the company addressed on the parcels are situated on the 8th floor. When I asked him how am I suppose to take this all up to the 8th floor without a trolley etc he replied "well that’s not my problem" I can not believe a delivery man thinks it is ok to leave expensive IT goods outside the building and not deliver to the addressed company. Absolutely shocking.

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  • Ju
      18th of Nov, 2014
    Ukmail - Bad and cruel customer service staff
    Scotland, Tayside
    United Kingdom

    I do not wish to see any person or business sullied and do not wish any person to lose their job or business to fail. But it is callous behaviour as this, from some people in ukmail, that shakes confidence of customers / people in service providers.

    Failed me twice with their next day service. Was meant to be delivered today after delays but checked again in afternoon to to told it would be tomorrow - so the online status was wrong!
    I pleaded i need the package today, even offered to go collect it from depot (In a city 30 miles away) but they ignored me - and then i could no longer submit more queries online for my consignment number.
    I tried calling their customer service numbers - premium numbers - but was in a queue until my mobile phone credit ran out!

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  • St
      25th of Nov, 2014

    My simple answer to this is to go back to the company you made the purchase from and get a refund. If they won't give a refund then go to your credit card company. The more people do this with UKMail the more likely companies are not to use them.

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  • Ro
      18th of Dec, 2014
    Ukmail - Hopeless delivery service
    United Kingdom

    Driver (apparently...) twice failed to find the house even though other delivery companies have never had difficulty...
    Long waits on hold for Helpline which is just an independent call-centre who can do nothing, will not release any contact info for the company, and are effectively acting as a brick wall behind which UKMail hides.
    Promised call-backs never happened. We arranged to wait in for a timed delivery which never happened.
    You have to track down (not easy...) the number of your local depot to get anything done.
    Recommend you do NOT use this company.

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  • Pa
      14th of Jan, 2015
    Ukmail - Failure to deliver
    United Kingdom

    Was expecting next day delivery, however more than a week later, no parcel. I had contacted them every day, and each time was promised delivery that day, along with a phone call to keep me up to date with progress. They failed on all counts, and not once did they even offer an apology.
    If you have the choice, use another courier. This one isn't up to the task.

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  • Un
      24th of Feb, 2015
    Ukmail - Bad service quality
    United Kingdom

    My computer supposed to arrive today but was not informed of the time of delivery nor message was sent to me therefore they came at the wrong time and I was not around. Tried to call them at 4.55pm (London time) and they did not pick up. Apparently they close at 5pm. Won't have much free time tomorrow to receive the goods but I can't even change the date of delivery or choose to deliver it to my neighbor. This is just the classic example of company doing what they think is right but fail to listen to their customers. I don't expect to take a day off, losing my pay just because I need to wait for my parcel to arrive. This is ridiculous.

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