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Uhaul / fired demoted

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

Well after 3 years as management of U haul inc they decided to pull the rug from under this family .Starts off as a ad that was placed in the company system from time to time i used too check these to see what was open in position wise .Ok well come too find out there was all of a sudden a open at another center close too our location .The Marketing co Prez decided too run this add in the company website .Well in retro speck come to find out it was our location .But advertised for the other location that was closer to us .Meanwhile all the people that worked for the store that was advertised did not say a word too us .Meanwhile we are in a 4 bedroom home with this company not easy too pull out of for one thing .Also the company president did not walk threw with my wife on what was wrong .This is a issue within its self.So there is two things wrong with this picture either he did not like us or he did not want to deal with us .In turn makes too me he did not like us .Since my wife has worked for the company for Years prior to this and another marketing company .She was recommended for the job for the failing managers before .Everything we did was by the policy and following the rules we were doing the job that they hired us for .There was no wrong doing in what we were doing .Trying to reach for help in this company is like pulling knifes across your skin.We have sent many emails too the marketing company president but no response in many of them .So our last and final days were hell on us because not only did he demote my wife but he also took my job away as a assist manager for the location and left me without one .The sad part of it all was that our employee knew about the issues that were wrong and did not have the balls enough too say he should of been the blame in all this .So not only did we get screwed from the company itself but also the employee that kissed ### of the new manager that was hired on while i was there for the last few days .It goes too show do not trust anyone and i mean anyone ! .Not only did we get had but also had no place too go .So here we sit with her family wondering why .What did we do so wrong to have not just a place to rest our heads but to get ###ed from a company that we put so much into as a team

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  • Co
      26th of Mar, 2009
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    I was fired recently because I have a mental disorder that seemed to make others at work uncomfortable around me. I was with Uhaul for eleven years and have nothing to show for it. They treated me badly just about the whole time I was with the company. They also called me a trouble maker because I was trying to fight back. I had to go to work everyday and put up with harassment and discrimination. I went through the chain of command and it still did no good. I went to Human Resources and they took the word of the shop president over me. He told them that I was crazy and that nothing was happening to me there at work. Which wasnt true.The shop president even harassed me and discriminated against me as well.No one would speak up against him and tell the truth. Now I am without a job and without unemployment benefits, because the shop president made sure I couldnt get a thing.The harrassment and discrimination didnt start until about a year or so ago.I stayed there so long, because I had a child to take care of on my own and didnt have anywhere else to go.If you have gone through the same thing with this company or others please write me back .

  • Ha
      8th of Mar, 2011
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    i worked for uhaul as a manager for 3 yrs. This company honestly sucks. They use their employees every and anyway they can without showing any appreciation in return. They constantly adjusted time cards on the computer as to not have to pay overtime. The Marketing manager I worked under was a joke lazy as hell but quick to do the dog & pony show when the big dogs from arizona where in town. The only employees that benefitted in this marketing company was the marketing president and all his family since he has all of them on payroll whether they produced results or not. I would not recommend looking at this company for any type of Future. You will get used and dumped to the side when they have sucked all they can out of you.

  • An
      29th of Jun, 2012
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    Be careful when applying for ANY position with this company. They'll hire you on, not train you properly, and then fire you without notice because you've made mistakes you didn't know you were making. I didn't know I didn't have a job until 2 weeks after it happened and I only found out because I went in and cornered the manager to find out why I hadn't been scheduled.

    Also, they promote themselves during the interview by telling you about how they're the 11th best company in the country to work for part-time because of their great medical benefits. In reality, they make that happen by paying you peanuts for the ridiculous amounts responsibility they place upon you with little to no help from the managers.

    The managers that run the store make the schedules and they usually schedule themselves off for the high-traffic times.

    This job is very physically strenuous and you're required to work outside regardless of the weather conditions

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