U-Haul / false mileage

GA, United States

I recently rented a truck from U-Haul. I ended up needing to keep the truck for about four extra hours and understood the charges on the contract for such an extension. What I didn't expect was a 100+ dollar debit to come out of my checking account two weeks later for "extra mileage." I knew I'd be charged 40 cents per extra mile used, but U-Haul charged me for 253 extra miles, when I did maybe 60 extra miles max. I made a local move from a section of Georgia maybe twenty minutes for the other. There is no way I traveled anywhere near 253 miles. I documented the mileage at pick up and at drop off and shocker, the numbers don't mach those on U-Haul's invoice. I've tried time after time to call and speak to someone helpful, but everyone is rude, useless, and generally a waste of my time. How lovely for U-Haul that they can manipulate numbers to charge people for miles never used. Must be nice to be able to steal from people then say "well, too bad. Our numbers are correct." This guy I spoke to today said "we've never had this type of complaint before and we're not accusing you of anything but..." What happened to the customer being right? What happened to hearing someone out before you dismiss their complaint as "nope, nothing we can do." I wonder if anyone else has had this happen - did anyone else get charged for extra miles they didn't use? One thing's for sure - I will NEVER use U-Haul again. They are crooks. If you haven't already, be warned don't use them ever unless you want money stolen from you.

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