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Okay, here we go. For the past two months my bill has increased. Here's the story:

I live in a one bedroom apt, no bigger than 800 sq ft.

December, I received my bill for $128.00 (rounded), which was normal.

January, I received my bill for $248.00 (rounded). My bill w/TXU never raised over $150.00 so I gave them a call. Of course I got a foreigner who I could barely understand. She told me that I was using more KW's. I told her my usage was the same from the month before so I'm wondering what's going on. She also told me to go and read my meter again. Now, the way they teach you to read the meter is absolutely not understandable. I then decided to use less energy. I had my windows and doors resealed with new weather stripping, I unplugged appliances I wasn't using, switched clocks to battery operated, unplugged my TV, wireless router, computer and radio at night and replug it when I returned from work the following day. I made sure when I left a room I turned the light off. The heater was off during the day and I even had my two yr old son watching tv and playing with his toys in the dark.

Here comes Feburary's bill. I'm thinking I got my bill down, but the joke was on me. $342.00 (rounded)! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! ON A 1 BEDROOM APT, ARE YOU SERIOUS?

I called again, again they told me to read the meter. I told them the weather is bad now and to read that meter is impossible. I were told they could send another tech out to read the meter but I would be charged. I was so pist, I began cussing and fussing. I then took it upon myself to email corporate. Not long after I get a call from an AMERICAN REP located in my city and guess what she told me, "READ THE METER AGAIN!" Knowing she is local (judging my by the area code of her return phone number), she full well knows it is freezing and raining. I returned her call and guess what, I got her voicemail. She called back, I couldn't get to the phone I was in a meeting, but you would not believe what the message said, "READ THE METER AGAIN!" OMG! I called her back, got her voicemail and told her that I'm considering switching to another energy company. Ambit is low but I've read some disturbing info on them. Relient and Green Mountain is the only other energy companies in TX.

If there's anyone out there who knows of an energy co., that is any good, please let me know!

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  • Da
      9th of Feb, 2010

    I'm with Green Mountain and I just got a HUGE bill too! My roommate and I share a small 2-bedroom apartment in Dallas and thought that our bill was going to be really low (she even works for an electric company). It jumped from $180 (on the extremely high side of normal for us, only when we use the AC/heater) to $250! Not quite as bad as your $350, but I get what you're saing. We tried to read our meter again (hey, the guys reading the meters do occassionally make mistakes, but usually it'll even itself out the next month), but like you said- absolutely freezing outside, so didn't even attempt that. A couple of things that we found out when going through this whole ohemgee process:

    1. What rate are you paying? There's the actual price per KWH and then there should be an total price per KWH on your bill. If your total price per KWH is more than 13 or 14 cents, it could be your rate plan. If you're not on a term plan (meaning no cancellation fee), see what other plans they have out there. I've shopped around and there are some really low rates, but they're "variable" meaning that the company might say it's 8 cents, but they have the option to raise that whenever they want. Make sure you're not fooled by these! The good thing about TXU is that they don't have variable rates; I was able to find a Green Mountain one a few months ago that was also low and not "varaible" so just make sure you shop

    2. The temperature for the last couple of months in the North Dallas area has been REALLY cold. We just thought that our apartment was well-insulated because we had the heater set on 70 but our apt never got below 76. So we thought that our heater was on but not working. Makes sense, right? No. Apparently just having the heater on makes a difference, even if you don't think it's running.

    So long story short, re-read your meter again if you want (it's supposed to snow on Thursday, so I don't recommend it!), but the people who read the meters are the same no matter which billing provider you choose, so the whole consumption thing and KWH usage shouldn't change no matter who you use. As long as you're paying a reasonable rate, it really just is the consumption and given how cold it's been and how many freezes we've had, 2, 000+ KWH is probably about right (that's what we had that we thought was completely outrageous). If you think your rate is high, shop around for another rate plan, just make sure you don't get stuck with one of those plans where the company can raise the rate at their discretion.

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  • Tl
      13th of Dec, 2010

    We service Green Mtn. customers. Your rate will be stated clearly after you enter your address.
    You will need to enter on this first page Teresa Long id 119094 to proceed.

    I hope you'll be happier with the service!

    ps: many can save more on electricity by unplugging things when not in use. You'd be surprised how much it adds up just to have the micowave sitting there on but not in use, same for heaters other electrical items.

    For states other than TX, PA, NY, NJ, MD, MA, CT visit
    After choosing "market/rates" your state, your current provider, your rates are on the page you sign up on if you choose to. Variable or Fixed rates are listed for you to choose from.

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