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TXU Energy / Service & Billing

1 Houston, TX, United States Review updated:

I have been a TXU customer since 2006. In January 2009 we moved to another location, when I finally got my bill it was billed to the old location. I called them and asked them to fix the billing address, the next month they still had the wrong mailing address on my bill. Since the mailing address was wrong it was taking almost three weeks longer to get my bill, so by the time my bill got to me my bill was due. I have called them every month for six months asking them to change my billing address. They still to this day have not changed the mailing address. Then last month I got my bill and I noticed that my bill had almost doubled, I checked my last 12 months bills and they where all the same. So I called and asked them about it, they said that they couldn't do anything about it. The only thing they could offer me was $0.14 locked in for 12months. That’s still more then what I had been paying for the past 12 months. So I called a couple of other companies and found one for $0.11 and better customer service. So I put a transfer order in with the new company, they are suppose to take over on July 28. Today I went online to make a payment and the website is still down and has been for three weeks now, you can't make a payment online, but they still want to charge you a fee for calling in. I thought I was done with this company today, and then a couple of hours ago there was a email in my in box from TXU about my new service starting on July 27. I called them and they so nicely confirmed that my move in date to the new address where I already have service at was set for July 27. I explained to them that I was not moving and that I already had service with them. They couldn't tell me what was going on and I talked to three different people, after being hung up on twice. I was done!! I finally called my new company and confirmed that we are still on track for the new service. TXU still says that my new Service is to start on July 27 and they wont listen to me at all.

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  • Ki
      24th of Aug, 2009
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    I called TXU because I had not received a July electricity bill. They told me that I had overpaid the month before and was actually due a credit for about $50.36 towards my August bill. I was a little weary so I looked online and that bill said the same thing. To be extra sure, I called again and talked to someone else and they said the same thing. I couldn't figure it out. Well, in August, I received a bill for $488.52, nearly double any bill I had paid in the past year. Then, two days later, I received an additional bill for another $397.64. According to TXU, they made a mistake and delayed billing for the month of July and I owed them 886.16 within one week. I was floored. I am an elementary school teacher. My power bill was more than my mortgage. Even though I had anticipated a discrepancy in the July billing and saved the money, I was not expecting nearly $900 in electric bills. I live in a modest 4 bedroom/2 bath single floor home(only 1700 sq ft). My bill was higher than my friends with 2500 square ft homes. And get this... No one was even in my house from 7am-8:30pm most of the month!!! As my students would say: TXU sucks!

  • Ni
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    I also had a problem with TXU. I called because since I been with TXU, which is about 1 year and half, I have always paid my bills on time and in full. Well I recently moved into a house 4 months ago and have been receiving a bill and still been paying. I called this month to see how much my bill was going to be before I received it and it was 998.00. I was like where did this come from. Even if I tried my bill wouldnt be that high in one month. They told me that it was an error on their part because they hadnt billed me since I been in my house but was still billing me for when I stayed at my apartment. I found that to be very bad service because now I'm stuck with this high bill and I'm on a fixed income. All they said they could do was put me on payment plan for a year. I don't feel that was enough.

  • Br
      8th of Oct, 2009
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    I have been with TXU for 5yrs and my bill was due Oct. 2, 2009 and i paid it on Oct. 2, 2009 @ 6:13am and they came out on Oct 7, 2009 @ 4:15pm and disconnected my service. I immediatly called them to find out what was going on and they said that it was a mistake and that they would be back out no later than midnight to reconnect it. Well i got up @ 7am the next morning and it still not on. They are now telling me that it will be before midnight tonight. I called them back and explained that i have a newborn baby and two small children and they are still telling me that they can come back out until midnight tonight. I cant believe it... Im am currently online serching for a new Electric Company to go with. I wouldn't advise anyone to go with this company. They are unorganized and they have lead me on to believe that my service would be reconnected and it still isnt i had to bring my children and all of my food over to my sisters to keep from buying all new groceries...

  • De
      18th of Jan, 2010
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    TXU is a nightmare!!! I have been with them for four years and at my old apt my bill usually stayed between 180-220 at most. Then i moved and dear god its been hell for two years it took them nine count them nine months to stop billing me for my old address and somehow my new address put together in my bill that comes to my current address. They swore this was not the case but explain to me how else i could have a 650 for one month in a 2bd/2bth apartment!!! I even still had the forward address sticker on my bill from them even though i have done change of address and informed them a hundred times. Then last summer i notice a 100 dollar jump after going through 4 different"supervisors" im told they made an error and that i was supposed to receive a 100 dollar credit but it was a mix up, "sorry and you will see a credit on next months bill" I said weel why cant i exercise that credit this month. They said i had to pay the full amt or lights would be cut off wtf!? Then i come to find out the credit was for a succesful transfer when i moved 3 yrs ago that they forgot to extend for being a good loyal customer and using them! My complaints are endless it amazing me how they remain in business and have such deplorable customer service, not to mention whenever i call i never get someone who can speak fluent english. I swear i had a five minute conversation with a csr that i could not understand a thing. Im so happy come next week i will be rid of them. They exceed my rent 75% of the time

  • Jc
      18th of Aug, 2011
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    TXU turned my 85 year old mother’s electricity off on 8/17/11 when it was 105 F in Dallas. Her most recent bill said her balance was due on 8/25/11 and there was no balance forward on the bill. It did not indicate that the payment was overdue. After repeated attempts to get the situation resolved, I waited 25 minutes to talk to a supervisor. The supervisor in Pittsburgh said I should get my mother to stay somewhere else, I explained that my mother would not leave her house. The supervisor recommended that I go to her house and ' be the adult" and force her to leave her house. When I explained that I was pretty sure that was not legal, her next suggestion as for me to call 911 and have her taken the hospital. I told her she was not ill and that would be a waste of public resources. The problem was that they had turned her electricity off 8 days before her bill reflected her payment was due. After a few more minutes of discussion she told me she was tired of arguing with me and hung up. These people are rude and do not exhibit good customer service. They will not take responsibility for their poor lay out of their billing invoice and have zero problem solving skills. Change your electrical company if you can.

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