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TXU Energy / Deposit Refund / Tax adjustment made for Travis Co. Resident, AFTER I ENDED SERVICE



To summarize, I moved from Austin to Virigina. I cancelled my service, TXU was going to use part of my deposit to pay my last bill- ok. Understood. My refund approximately $67.00. Fine. They'll mail it to my address in VA. Great!

Not so great, that I forgot about the check- which my family in VA had told me had arrived, but by now is to old to deposit maybe 3 mos. Anyway, I call TXU today (the first time) I am put on hold 15 minutes by a guy just trying to find my account. I think he did find it only didn't want to take my call- after he saw what the next young lady pointed out to me.

Tammy, a very kind and soft spoken American- answered almost immediately. I waited about 3 hours to call back. :-/ She was very helpful, and after locating my account says- "you have a credit of $1.00 and some change." WHAT!?!?! I'm expecting almost $70.

She politely reviews all my information, notes etc. Then comes back and tells me- "there was a 'tax error' and you're new credit balance is $1(+)." TAX ERROR? I asked her politely, to explain. Is there any documentation of this adjustment to my account? She replies "well you are the first customer I've seen with this problem." Really?! How convenient! (might I mention, I hated TXU the entire 5 years I had service with them. I said "You're telling me that for 5 years your business has been billing me incorrectly, and they didn't notice it until after they mailed out a refund check?!?!" Her only reply was yes. I demanded she send me something in writing explaining this whole "billing error". She offered to send me a copy of my last bill. What is that going to do? I don't want an outline of charges, I want a description of what I'm being billed for, and if it was a county wide thing then how many others may have been affected. And I want to know, why TXU didn't send anything out about it?!?

In the end, I'm expecting a check for $1.00, a copy of my last bill, and she says she will mail me whatever she might find on what caused the debit.

I asked her before hanging up, "So if I had cashed that check TXU mailed out to me three months ago for $67, you guys would have BILLED ME AGAIN for this MAGIC TAX snafu?" Her answer was yes.

STAY AWAY. Their billing is crazy, customer service sucks if you get a foriegner, the American CSRs want to help but don't know how, fees are outrageous, and every expererience with them has been the worst.

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