TXU EnergyCharged me twice for the 400.00 deposite

I called to set up service on june 15th 2009 and on june 17th it still wasnt on so i called back and they set up my neboirs electric who already had service in her name and put it in my so, I was told to call and disconect the previous service and start over.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Dallas, TXI called them a fifth time to see how i could fix it and they put me on hold because they couldnt find my account, at this point im out raged so i asked to speak with a manager and some how they find my account and the laddy asked could she fix it without transfering me, i told her i didnt care just wanted it fixed asap.We go threw the whole process agin the rules and regulations that i already heard 5 times before she told me she would have someone out that day to cut on service, they did cut it on but i wasnt told i would have to pay for what my neibor used witch wasnt my mistake and have to pay the 400.00 deposite agin

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