TXU Energy / billing problems

Fairfield, TX, United States

When I built my park consisting of 24 cabins for rent and 42 rv spaces in 2007, I used TXU for my electric provider. Early in 2009, their computer system got messed up and we didn't get a bill for 2 months (like hundreds of other customers). When it came, it was astronomical and we had to work out a payment plan which we abided by. Late in the year, we switched providers (after the expiration of contract with TXU). Two years went by and a TXU salesman said they would give us an Itherm thermostat for each cabin so we could monitor settings from the computer, so we switched back to TXU after the other contract expired in Nov of 2011. When the first bill came, it showed a huge (like $12.000) previous balance. After a call to my salesman, he said they just had their billing messed up and to just pay the current charges. I continued to question this balance and was assured that everything was fine. The salesman said our credit had been checked before we signed the contract and that it was excellent. Nearly 3 months later, I received a stack of disconnect notices for my commercial account at Shady Oaks. Most important--after leaving TXU the first time in 2009, they never sent me any bills at all. Now, 2 yrs later when I re-joined TXU, they suddenly decide I had a past due balance? WTF? Having spent countless phone calls with the salesman and TXU, I have turned it all over to my attorney. Apparently, they don't want my $6, 000 to $10, 000 per month account! Now, I will have to show them how Shady Oaks will break their new contract.

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