Austin, TX, United States

I live in a one bedroom apt by myself and work 8-5pm. I keep my room temp at about 72 and my bill averages $125 - $200 a month. I went on vacation during Christmas for one week and turned EVERYTHING off yet my bill for that month came in at an unbelievable $345!! When I called TXU they said they would investigate the matter since my meter was spinning out of control even though everything in my apt was off. I let them know I was moving and scheduled a shut off date for the next month but they decided to come the next day and turn my electric off. They then told me I had to wait until the following day when someone could get back out to turn it on...great customer service right? I have since then moved and got my final bill with the previous charge forwarded on it so now I have to deal with a $500 bill...oh, and when I called they said they will look into it again!! Look into what? Fix my [censored]ing bill!!!

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