Turkish Airlines / lost baggage


Dorsal board bag - $150.00

6'0 Custom Action Surfboard - $1000.00

Custom FCS Fins - $110.00

Track top - $55.00

Surfboard Leash - $25.00

Rental Car for when I was told my board would arrive and I had to drive to Bordeaux airport just to find out it didn't arrive - $120.00

Cost to ship board to Bordeaux which you failed to do - $75.00

Round trip airfare for surfing trip which never happened because of your airline - 910.00

Your airline is terrible! I will never use this airline again. You also cost me a day at work because of a delayed flight. - 300.00

I fully expect to be refunded for everything if my luggage is not found and if it is found I want it returned immediately and still expect to be refunded for the rest of the costs accrued to your airlines terrible service. I will be in contact with my attorney and will be sure to post everything on social media!

Sep 18, 2017

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