Turkish Airlinesin-flight passenger harassment

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir,
My name is Saadia Mahmood Ali.
I travelled via Turkish airline for the first-time from Lahore to Istanbul on 7Nov 2018 on TK 715 and from Istanbul to New York JFK on 15 Nov 2018 on TK 001.
I had a good experience overall, the flight timings, in flight crew and meals, everything  was good.
But when I returned from New York JFK to Istanbul on 25 Nov 2018 on TK 012 and from Istanbul to Lahore on 26 Nov 2018 on TK 714.
It was the most horrible experience of my life during this flight from Istanbul to Lahore!
My seat no was 12A and a young man sat next to me in 12B.
He was already drunk. He was constantly drinking alcohol and started harassing me by threatening me that he will see me after landing in Lahore! He asked me my name which I told him .I asked him if he was drunk as he seemed a lot at that time. Then he started shouting and yelling at me for no reason which all passangers sitting around witnessed.
I requested the steward to find me another seat so I could move from here but he said that the flight is full so unfortunately I had to sit with him.
He kept on drinking alcohol in red wine, cans of beer, vodka and anything he could find and I was surprised at the cabin crew who kept serving him these drinks in this condition. He often went to get the wine himself too.

I ignored him and started watching films one after the other but he again started shouting . Then he went to the toilet and when he came back I saw him arguing and yelling at an air hostess as she told him not to pass in the front of the seats while going to the toilet. Then he asked for a complain form and wrote obnoxious commrnts about the air hostess which were all lie as me and other passengers were a witness to it. His bad behaviour was so upsetting for me. He was instigating another passenger to write a complain too.
When the meal was served he vomited in his tray and I was cursing myself for choosing this flight and sitting next to a drunk.I was not able to eat or drink anything .
I requested the steward again to find me another seat so I could move from here but he said that the flight is full but I saw some vacant seats later in the back of the plane in which some passengers were asleep.
I was having the most horrible experience of my life during this flight sitting next to a drunk man when a very nice Senior crew member came and saw my condition and asked me if I wanted to move away from here so I got up and he searched for an empty seat at the rear of the plane but all were already taken so he took me to the front and seated me in the last seat of business class.
I was so relieved but to my horror this drunk followed me and stood behind my seat staring at me, I was so scared as all passangers were asleep and the lights were off in the cabin. Then he walked to the front and my seat staring at me in anger and then went back.
I was so traumatised by the whole experience that I fell ill and got temperature.

I requested the steward to report him to the airport security . I was too scared to do it myself as he threatened me to follow me in Lahore.
Please make a policy not to serve alcohol to a drunk man during flight.The steward should have refused to serve him more drinks as he was out of control laughing loudly and doing crazy things.
Please note his seat no was 12B. You can find his name and address from there. I request you to report this incident to the police so they can take legal action against him.

It was a worst flying experience of my life and now I'm scared to travel alone which I usually do. Turkish Airlines must do something about it so this kind of bad incident never happens again.

Thanks & Regards,
Saadia Mahmood Ali

Address : 262 L block, street 160, Phase 1, DHA, Lahore 54792. Pakistan.
Mobile: 0092 [protected]

Nov 28, 2018

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